Friday, February 11, 2011

Monster, Monster, Monster Mash

We took Bro to Monster Jam for his birthday.

I have to admit that I was very nervous about how loud it was going to be.

Thus, Dear Husband ventured out before the show to get ear plugs for us. You can see them sticking out of Bro's ears here.

And one other thing... that little lady up there ^ ... yes... that thing on her head... yes... it is a tiara.  Yes, she wore it during the whole show... in case you were wondering.

The show was a big hit.  We got to see huge trucks and motorcyclists performing trick jumps.

I think Bro liked the motorcycles.

I think Daddy liked them too.

This Monster Truck is named Crustacean and is shaped like a lobster.

The show was pretty boring with the ear plugs in.  Eventually we just took them out and Bro covered up his ears at the loud parts.

Sometimes royal princesses can share with those beneath them.  Apparently, this was one of those times.

Monster Truck Conclusion:
Monster Truck shows are very family friendly. 
Bring ear plugs if you want to.  You might find that you don't need them. 
Most of the people did not have ear plugs in.

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Fairy Grandmother said...

I was waiting for this post...looks like fun. Seeing the princess share the spoon makes me wonder how she did not get sick...that is since after the show Bro was very sick.

Nap Mom said...

I know. She is like Super Woman. She never gets sick. {{knock on wood}}

Manic Mommy said...

You got a Bro smiling pic! YEA! Sorry we missed it.