Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Recap

Someone had a birthday.

So, the night before his big day we made cupcakes for all of his friends at school.  Lulu was never much of a helper in the kitchen.  But, Bro has to be in to everything I do.  So, he helped me put the liners in the cupcake tin.

And then he modeled his new skates that Daddy bought him.

Then, he selected all of the colors for the sprinkles for his cupcakes. 

Lulu's schedule was too hectic on Bro's birthday, so we celebrated with a birthday breakfast the next day.

He insisted on having a butterfly cake like the one in this book.

And Fairy Grandmother delivered.  Look at her awesome cake.  All of the colors are perfect.  The head, the nose, the antlers... all are exactly like the book!  Our birthday boy was delighted!!!

Before we ate breakfast, he wanted to open his gifts... and play in the boxes.

One of the other greatest joys of being a mother... one that I would never understand, since I am an only child... the surprise of my life... is watching my children interact with each other.  It's little unplanned moments like this that just bring tears to my eyes.  {{let me pause while I look at this for a minute}}

Who can resist purple icing?

Happy Birthday Little Man

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Fairy Grandmother said...

The birthday breakfast turned out to be so much fun...great idea...he didn't have to wait all day to open his presents...he just got to play wiht them all day. What a sweet little boy you have!