Thursday, February 10, 2011

Read Me Before You Go to the Grocery Store!

Monday is Valentine's Day.  You want your Valentine breakfast goodies to be ready, right? No last minute shopping, mkay???

Along with the strawberries and raspberries you pick up to add to oatmeal, cereal, and/or pancakes for breakfast... you will also need a can of cinnamon rolls so that you can make cinnamon hearts for your loved ones.

I know, it's kinda cheating... but your family cares more about the final product... not the process.

Click over to Sugar’s Pink Heart Cinnamon Crescent Rolls for pictures and directions.  Catholic Icing offers a tutorial too.

Oh... and since I mentioned Catholic Icing, you just have to check her out.  She blogs about Catholic-related crafts and food.  Most of her stuff can be used for many Christian-type religions.  For example, I really liked her recent post about tithing banks for kids -- so cute!  However, her nun crafts really had me miffed.  It would never occur to me to do a nun craft.  I don't know why... it just seems crazy.  A Jesus hand puppet?  Fine.  A nun hand puppet?  Um... not so fine.  And, I almost fell off of the couch when I saw the baby nun costume. Nonetheless, if you ever need Christian-related craft ideas... go to Catholic Icing... she has it all.

Are you ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count
It starts on Friday.


SusieQ said...

There are 18 Canadian geese living here right now.. hehehe!!

Fairy Grandmother said...

What a sweet idea with the cinnamon rolls! ...and I love the craft ideas from Catholic Icing!