Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have you heard the "buzz"?

Ah... and now that Spring break is behind me, I am back to blogging!

I'll write more about spring break later.  In the meantime, I am planning a very important party!

Someone we all know and love is turning 1!

I took these pictures of her legs with my cell phone camera.  I never want to forget how chubby they are.

We all call her Bee and Baby Bee... and even sometimes Bee-elle (instead of Brielle)... which totally drives my mom crazy!

I know a bee cake will be perfect for her 1st birthday.

First, I am going to make a lemon or carrot cake in this honeycomb pan for her friends and teachers at school.  Each section cuts nicely into a little muffin -- according to the reviews.  This will be the perfect snack for the little ones in her class... and it totally fits Bee's bright personality.

I haven't decided exactly which bee cake to make for home, but I did some research online and found some cute and easy options.

Oh... I almost forgot the craziest best part.  Do you remember the reversible dress that I made Bri for Easter?  No?  Ok - well, I did.  And we can talk more about the dress later.  I took a picture of it with me cell camera.  {{I have better pictures - be patient.}}

Anyway, I am going to make another one.  Same pattern... using these fabrics:

Fabulous right?  No?  Maybe I've lost my mind.  Well, we'll pretend that I am completely sane.  So, bees on one side and black-and-white checks on the other side... of a dress... that I am making her... to match her 1st birthday party theme.  You are right - I AM crazy!

Oh, and I promise that better pictures are coming!


Mrs. Bird said...

I think I've rubbed off on you virtually :) Congrats on the Easter dress and good luck with the birthday dress! Oh, you can TOTALLY make little bee hair bows to match ;)

Mrs. Bird said...


ms. mindless said...

You have to make one of those beehive cakes! They sell the pans on Amazon.

Fairy Grandmother said...

I am going to have to think of a "bee" item that I can contribute to the theme of the party! I love it!

Nap Mom said...

Mrs. Bird - Yes, you created this monster! The hair bows are cute. Why do you tempt me like this?

Ms. Mindless - I saw the beehive pan. They also sell it at Williams Sonoma, but the one at the mall is sold out. I wish I had thought of the bee theme agead of time because I would make that cake. There is always next year!