Thursday, October 23, 2008


I was very excited when Lulu learned how to crawl. However, every time I would sit her on the floor, she would cry to be picked up. Not a little whine, but a full-out cry. I had thought that this was unique to Lulu (being that we are still seemingly attached at the hip). Baby Bro does the same thing, for no good reason. I could hold him for 3 hours and if I put him down then he will cry, not to be fed, not to be played with, just to be held.

I find this very frustrating. Similarly, it is extremely difficult to get anything done around the house because he wants to be held all of the time. I love my little prince and I spend enough time at work, that I feel like I can meet his little request.

Recently, we have been very busy at home. Admittedly, Dear Husband has taken over much of the housework, since the little prince was born. However, I feel like I need to be doing more of my share and it is so hard to do, again, while holding an infant.

I had been feeling like the Native Americans had the ultimate solution by carrying their babies in cradleboards. The cradleboard provided a safe place for baby while allowing mom to travel and work. Not having a cradleboard at home, this will have to do. Here I am doing the dishes and Bro is peeking over my shoulder watching my every move.

Are all babies like this or just mine? Help!

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MitziKai said...

Well, you know I'm an attachment parent freak. I think there is great benefit to have them attached to you as much as possible. :) Have you seen that commercial where the baby whimpers as soon as mom puts him down, quiet up, whimper down, etc. So cute and so true! Good luck with the housework. :)