Thursday, October 2, 2008

On Demand

Anyone else here have Comcast cable? Have you ever used the On Demand feature to order a movie? If so, this might have happened to you too.

So, it was a very long and rainy weekend and I was up with Bro at 6:00 in the morning while the rest of the house slept in. I knew that we would be ordering a movie sometime that day so I thought that I would check out what selections were available through Comcast (my cable company).

So, I was scrolling through and scrolling through the movie choices trying to find something that the whole family could watch. I went to "preview" a certain movie and it looked promising, but I wanted to see some other options so I thought that I pushed the "back" button but I guess that I had pushed the "select" button and next thing I know the screen flashes a "thank you for your purchase" message.

Are you kidding me? Thank you for my purchase? I'm trying to preview some movies here. Yes. I could have gone down to the basement, fished out an old cable bill, called the cable company, trudged through their automated system, waited on hold, and cancelled my order (I am sure).

Instead, I did what Comcast was hoping that I would do, I watched the movie. It was p.s. I love You starring Hilary Swank and some other people. While I'm at it, did you know that you can buy actual movie props that have been used in these films now? Hmmm... Anyways, the movie was great actually. Maybe I liked it so much because I haven't seen a movie since b.b. (before Bro).

The whole point was/is I think that Comcast needs to have another screen pop up before making it so easy to order a movie, since it only requires the click of a botton and it is sooooo close to the "back" button. Basically, they need to have another screen that pops up and says, "Are you sure you want to order?" with a yes/no option button.

Is this happeneing to anyone else? Also, have you seen any good movies within the last year lately 'cause I'd like some recommendations.

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Anonymous said...

You're not getting it.. they don't want to make it foolproof for you.. they want to SELL movies! The more people who accidentally click on the buy button (and are too "busy" to go through the trouble to cancel), the more money they make!