Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Festivities. Day 3. House Stuff.

Despite popular belief, we aren't always out having a faboulous time in this gorgeous weather.  Occasionally, we relax around the house.

Or, we take care of household chores.

Lucky for Dear Husband, he has a helper {{ahem, not me}}.

Out with the old dishwasher...

... and in with the new(ish)... emphasis on the "ish" part.  ;-)

Are you completing some last-minute household chores
before old man winter sets in?


Fairy Grandmother said...

What a cute picture of Brody and Brielle!! How is that new"ish" dishwasher?

SusieQ said...

Hey.. as long as you have a dishwasher that works, who cares if it is new? I am living on borrowed time.. I hear they are good for about ten years and mine is a 1977 model...
Like the little helper.. that is so cute!