Friday, October 8, 2010


Looooooong to-do list for this weekend.

Cheer practice.

Go to pumpkin patch.

Girl Scout meeting.

Go to Lulu's cheer game.

Regular chores like dinner and laundry and stuff.

Learn and practice Lulu's song for her Women's Choir audition which is on Monday.

Go to Joanna's fabrics and get fabric to make a Redskins pillowcase dress.  {{wink, wink}}

Make fondue for Saturday night... because I am craving chocolate fondue.


Lulu got an "A" on her math test.  We cannot remember a time that she has ever earned an "A" or maybe even a "B" on a math test, despite our best efforts.  Honestly, it is NOT unusual for her to meet with her tutor and math teacher about a test and then take the test and come home with a 15%.  Not unusual at all.

We celebrated by going out to a local ice-cream restaurant!  There isn't much that would cause me to take this crew to get ice-cream, by myself, on a school night.  She totally deserved it! 

Please excuse the cell phone picture but it was all I could do to get all of us and our stuff out of the house... much less lug the camera too.


Way to go Lulu!  {{seriously folks, I was tearing up when the math teacher showed me the grade at our parent-teacher meeting... real tears.}}  It's NOT about the grade but it is so deflating to work so hard and to try your best and to come home with a 15%... consistently!  You can't imagine!

Have a good weekend!  I hope to have some great pictures for you next week! 


Fairy Grandmother said...

You know that I am always proud of Lulu as long as she is here I say that I am so very happy for her to see results from her hard work. XO

SusieQ said...

Congratulations, Lulu!!!
I knew you could do it!!!