Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Posts from the Pumpkin Pantry

Did anyone notice that my pumpkin to-do list included making a pumpkin pie from my own pumpkin... and I already completed the task?

Dear Husband {{in his infinite wisdom}} insisted that we I make a pumpkin pie from scratch... yep... cooking the pumpkin and everything.   Heaven forbid we just crack open a can of pumpkin and make a pie.

Not pictured:  Lulu.  She was sleeping ALL DAY long because she was literally up the night before ALL NIGHT LONG at an all night bowling event with the church youth group.  ALL NIGHT folks!  That's crazy!

While Sleeping Beauty Lulu slept, Bro, Brielle, and Dear Husband prepped the pumpkin. 

Then Bro scooped the guts out of the pumpkin...

and played in the pumpkin.

Next, Dear Husband divided the pumpkin into wedges so that they could be cooked in the oven.

Cooking the pumpkin in the oven took way too long (after an 1 1/2 hours the pumpkin was still basically raw and hard) so I cut up the pumpkin even more so that I could steam it... in batches.

Finally {{4 hours later}} I had some cooked pumpkin goop...

and I pureed it in the blender.

Meanwhile, while the kids took a nap, Dear Husband carved a jack-o-lantern for us.

Even baby Brielle was able to enjoy some of the pumpkin.

Here is our jack-o-lantern at night.

Here is our extremely delicious pumpkin pie.

Here is some left over pumpkin puree that I put in breastmilk storage freezer bags for Brielle.

How many more pumpkin recipes do I have left to make?  Anyone counting?  Do you have an idea I should add to the list?


Ariane said...

Pumpkin scones!


That woman in that link was the wife of the Premier of Queensland for a very long time. He was just shy of a dictator (as much as you can have a dictator of a state) and incredibly corrupt. But by all accounts, her scones were awesome. You'd be cooking a piece of Australian folk lore. :)

Fairy Grandmother said...

Even though the pie took so long to make it looks like it was a fun family project...wish I had been around to have some...I hear it was awesome!

Nap Mom said...

Ariane - Thanks for the link. Did you see that the degree of difficulty is "low." Perfect! Pumpkin scones it is! Delightful.

T.J. said...

good for you! There is something deeply satisfying about cooking a pumpkin pie from scratch (good thin since it tends to also be a pain!!)

Ruth said...

You would have been so proud of me today. I was making vegan pumpkin oatmeal walnut cookies (so yummy!) and had some left over pumpkin. So I blended it with honey/vanilla greek yogurt, added a little pumpkin pie spice and had it for breakfast!