Friday, October 1, 2010

Still Super Woman?

I still feel like Super Woman. Why is this?

1. I am still on cloud 9 from the Girl's Night out last weekend.


2. I have been going to bed on time.


3. I'm giddy because I finally fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.


4. Fall is here and the heat and humidity of the summer is not dragging me down anymore.


5. I feel productive because in addition to being a mom, wife, employee, and so on... I have been so crafty lately...

I made these pillowcases to go with Bro's toddler pillow he uses at naptime at school.  They highlight his favorite things: Buzz Lightyear, Curious George, and tractors.

Then, I made this little tag blanket for Bri.

Then, I made another tag blanket for my cousin, along with these matching burp cloths.  They are regular fabric on one side and terry cloth on the other.

This week I am making things for the Homecoming bakesale table that the cheerleaders put together.

So far, I am drowning in chocolate-covered Oreo cookie pops.

Also, I bought the materials to make this bee costume for Bri.  Yes, I even have the little feather boa part to go around the bottom.

Photo credit:  mammajane's shop

Note, I did have ONE not-so-Super-Woman-moment recently.  That is, I lost Lulu's Girl Scout cookie order sheet.  I don't know where it is.  I should be stopping my the cookie mom's house this weekend to get a new form.  Can you believe it?  Me? Of all people!  Lost the cookie sheet?

So, I am not exactly sure why I feel like Superwoman... I would love to know why so that I can keep the momentum going.

What makes YOU feel like Super Woman?


Fairy Grandmother said...

Being able to help my daughter and my grand children always makes me feel like super woman...and that I am going to visit an old friend! XO

T.J. said...

yeah, not feeling so much like a Super Woman today, but I can totally clap for those who pull it off! Way to go! And that bee costume will be adorable!

SusieQ said...

I can't remember that far back! Now I feel like I have one foot in the hole and the other on a banana peel...

Mrs. Bird said...

That costume's going to be so cute!

CountryDew said...

Those Curious George pillowcases are very attractive. I admire them greatly.