Thursday, February 4, 2010

Even More Home Improvements

Before we can put down the concrete in the basement, we had to replace the sliding glass door.  Well, that is, the door didn't NEED to be replaced, but because of how the concrete was going to come up over the lip of the door, it had to be replaced NOW or NEVER. 

So, in the dead of winter, "we" {{we = Dear Husband and my amazing brother-in-law}} replaced the sliding glass door.

View from inside the house.

View from outside the house... taken as I was sitting in my lawn chair watching Bro play outside while asking "How much longer?"  My poor brother-in-law.

The door eventually made it into its correct spot, as you can see in this picture that was taken the-day-after.  Yes, I know, there is some molding work to deal with... we are babystepping here folks. 

On this day, Daddy was showing off for mommy teaching Bro how to chop wood.  Of course, to chop the wood he would set one piece of wood on the large stump (that you see in the picture) and then start chopping with the axe.  When the wood split, it went flying in different directions.  We joked about what we would do if a piece of wood flew into the sliding glass door and the whole thing cracked.  COULD YOU IMAGINE????

Bro helped Daddy stack the wood... always the little helper.

Another funny story...

We all know that one of the things that I really cherish about Dear Husband is that he is such a good helper.  I say this all of the time.  It's not like either one of us does more work than the other (ahem); we are both part of this game called "Life" and just working to get it all done.  The other day, when I said something about Dear Husband being a good helper, he looked at me and said (in a totally sweet way), "You know... you refer to me as a helper.  But, being a helper would imply that YOU are actually doing something and I am merely ASSISTING YOU.  But... you see... I don't ever see you doing anything.  So how am I the HELPER here?"  Of course, he followed that up with some laughing and some hugs... ha ha ha ha ha!  Can I even begin to tell you how much I love this man??????


SusieQ said...

You really make my day... I am soooo laughing! Yes, I can imagine breaking a new sliding glass door because that is what we did when we moved in here.. I wanted a pin put in for security.. When drilling the hole the seal between the sheets of glass was broken.. the window was shatterproof glass, so it "broke" itself for the next two hours.. We could hear it, but I pulled the curtain so I didn't have to see it happening!

I am very happy that you got this problem corrected properly, and you will be too, after it is completed and all this is just a funny story!

I like your definition of "we"...

Nap Mom said...

It "broke" itself... for two hours... how awful! Oh yes, that's a good one!