Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gone... Vanished...

I have wanted this light green Southern Living Easy-Arrange vase since I first laid eyes on it... 7 YEARS AGO.

This picture does not do it justice... it is so pretty and even prettier with spring tulips in it... I'm talkin'... amazing.

But, cheap-o procrastinating Napmom never bought it. 

I recently perused the newest Southern Living at Home catalog... as I do from time to time... (and I admire this vase and how pretty it is)... and guess what... my beloved vase was gone... had disappeared... it's {{gulp}} R-E-T-I-R-E-D!


But it was my favorite... ever! 

It's been in the catalog... forever!

Why did they do this to me? 

How did this happen?

But I loved it soooooo much!

Admittedly...  I really wanted it in a light blue... I know that... and green would have TOTALLY been washed out in my already green living room... but... I mean... why did they retire it?  They should have just made it in light blue {{duh}}... robin's egg blue... hello?????  

{{pause while I do internet research}}

A robin's egg blue like this one... that I didn't even know existed... until today... and it's R-E-T-I-R-E-D too... but much, much prettier... don't ya think? 


SusieQ said...

Nah... I would definitely get it in green!

You can get glass frogs (the thing with the holes in it) and put them in any vase.. Or for the really cheapos (like me!) wad up some chicken wire and stuff it in the vase (not a transparent one!) and it will hold the flowers in place nicely..

T.J. said...

Look at that- SusieQ beat me to it- I was going to tell you about glass frogs. You can usually find them for cheap cheap! at Thrift Shops or yard sales. I do like that retired robin's egg blue color though!