Monday, March 1, 2010

Who is Percy Jackson?

I love to read.  And, despite the fact that Lulu (1) liked me to read to her as a child and (2) gets an "easy-A" in her advanced Language Arts class... she just doesn't like to read.  I have never known her to start reading a chapter book and finish it on her own (except for those she has to read for class).  She was dieing to read "Twilight" and ALL of her friends were reading it.  I caved and let her get the book... but she never finished it.  We have loads of half-read award winning chapter books in her room.  Frustrating!

At our latest trip to the book store, she begged me to get this Percy Jackson book for her.  In short, I looked at her very sternly and said, "Lulu, if I get this book for you then you HAVE to read it.  I am sick of buying books for you that you don't read.  You never finish them.  You BETTER finish this book."

"Uh, I will mooooooom." 

{{Yeah.  Right.  Famous last words.}}

She wasn't kidding.  She will not put the book down.  Reading it at the table, reading it when she wakes up, reading it in the car on the way to school instead of listening to her favorite radio station.  Following me around the house, "Mom, let me read this part to you - it's soooooo good."  I. AM. AMAZED.  She was half-way through the book within 24 hours.  Shocking!

Please look into reading the Percy Jackson series - you are sure to like him.  He is much like Harry Potter and you can compare the similarities between the two here.  I, for one, am waiting for Lulu to finish book one so I can start reading.    

What book has your child read that you enjoyed too?

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SusieQ said...

I know a little girl that read the Diary of Anne Frank and that is a great book!