Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can laugh at myself...

You know that I have been battling the squirrels... trying to keep them out of my bird food.

Effort #1:  Giving them their own food has not worked.

Effort #2:  Adding red papper flakes to the bird feed has not worked.  Don't laugh... apparently it works sometimes.  Google it... it really works... sometimes... apparently.

Effort #3:  Coming Soon!  Anti-squirrel feeder.  My coworker has one and it works.... for real!  The idea is that the feeder stand is spring loaded.  Access to the bird food closes when the heavy squirrel sits on the stand.  hahahahahahahaha!

In the meantime, I received this message in my inbox today:

I ran into Mr. Varmit and he said he was dressing up to go to dinner at Napmom's house...

Love, Grand Matriarch
{{ah ha ha ha ha - good one!}}


T.J. said...

So my Dad? Yeah, he traps the squirrels in his yard, paints their tales yellow (so he knows if they return to his yard) and then crosses a river to transport them to a park on the other side of town. True Story. When will you need to resort to those kind of measures? ;)

Nap Mom said...

T.J. - Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! I love it! Your dad and I would get along well!

kofoeds5 said...

Hello! I am Katelyn's sister-in-law... was just reading through your blog and came across this post! Oh my goodness, I have squirrel issues too. Please let me know if the new feeder works! I go crazy trying to keep them away from my bird feeders!