Monday, March 8, 2010

The Cutest Dress... I Ever Saw...

One of my friends co-bloggers friends is having her very first give-away.

She is giving away the handmade dress seen here.

It looks like two different dresses... that's cause IT'S REVERSIBLE!  I've been admiring Katelyn's dresses since she first started making them.  Don't they look great with jeans... and they aren't too girly.  I'm almost certain that she linked to a pattern when she started making the dresses, but despite my efforts  {{Yes, Katelyn, I went back and looked... and looked... and looked some more}}, I cannot find a link to the pattern on her blog.

Great News!  She's giving away the dress seen here {{did I already mention that}} right now!  The rules to apply for the give-away are listed on her blog.  You get 5 {{as in 1,2,3,4,5}} chances to enter to win. 

Head over to The Bird's Nest to Enter to Win this most adorable dress... for your own daughter... or to give as a gift.

Who is the dress model?  Oh, just the most adorable and sweet soon-to-be toddler that you could ever hope to meet!  {{Awe!}}


T.J. said...

I know, really?!! It's not fair that she's that talented with both a camera AND a sewing machine AND to top it off has as beautiful a daughter as Brooklyn!! :)

Mrs. Bird said...

You rock!!! Thank you *blush* I linked to a tutorial for making it reversible way back when. The pattern is a an A-line dress from simplicity that I modified. ((hugs)) Don't forget to comment!

@TJ, you're too sweet!

Mommy 24/7 said...

this ones cute too, not as nice maybe, but an easy pattern