Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"C" is still for cheering

Another weekend passed... another day at a cheer competition.

This time, the cheer competition was in Ocean City.  Ocean City is a few hours from our house and Lulu had to be on site at 6:30 a.m.

So we stayed at a hotel on the beach... {{like, middle-of-the-winter is the ONLY time I could afford a hotel on the beach in Ocean City}}.

I tried to capture some cool sunrise, silhouette pics... but it didn't work out to well.

I did capture this pic of a TOTALLY EMPTY boardwalk.  When do you ever see the OC boardwalk TOTALLY EMPTY?  Never!

They had a Volkswagon bug beetle car in the show lobby and all of the girls had to get their picture taken in the car.  {{What is the real name of this car?}}

Below is a very blurry picture of how crowded this place was.  Does anyone know what I was thinking at this moment?????  Anyone??? 

Allow me to elaborate... this was a small glimpse of the spectator space.  It was STANDING ROOM ONLY at this point... and so sweaty... and I was wondering...

if there was a fire now... how the heck are all of these people gonna get out of here?  What is the maximum capacity per the fire code?  I am sure that we have exceeded it.  This "conference center" was NOT designed to hold this many people.  This is a fire hazard... how will I get out... where will I go?

I took a few moments away from planning my escape to watch Lulu's performance... all 2.5 minutes of the performance.  Lulu is the far left person in this next series of pictures.

Before the jump.

Prepping the jump.

The jump.

And another jump.  It's called a 'herkie' jump.  Now that I see it in still motion... it's much better than I thought it was.

So, now you see what I do with all of my free time.... I wait... and wait... and wait... and plan my escape... and wait some more.  But, she loves it... and so I do it... with a smile... so that I can see her smile!

Parents - what do you do that is pure torture for you... but really makes your kids smile? 


Mrs. Bird said...

Looks like she did great! I would be clautrophobic in there....Gavin always teases me that Brooklyn's going to be a cheerleader someday just to spite me. I haven't had to do too much yet that's torture, but some of her favorite toys are uber-annoying.....

Nap Mom said...

Mrs. Bird - Make no mistake about it... you won't like cheering... for so many reasons. It kills me that they dress up with little bows on their heads... who does that? I would be able to take this more serious if they wore regular athletic shorts and shirts. The emphasis on "appearance" is my main pet peeve.

SusieQ said...

Appearance is very important in some endeavors so get used to it! Looks to me like they did great.. Glad she is enjoying it and you are having sooo much fun.. Sort of like dragging a kid all over the county to play soccer but, oh yes, you don't have to do that....

You wouldn't want to see how hard I am laughing...