Thursday, March 25, 2010


Picking a name for a baby is the hardest thing to do.  Agreeing with your hubby on this name... is even harder.

A few months ago I reviewed my favorite baby names

I have a list of favorite baby names; Dear Husband has list of favorite baby names.

To date, all of our talks about names go like this:

Napmom:  Have you thought about names lately?

Dear Husband:  Yes, what about Claire or Chelsea?

Napmom:  I don't like those too much.  What about Darcy or Keely... Norah or Stella... I really like Keely.

Dear Husband:  Nope.  I don't like Keely at all.  The others are so-so.

Napmom:  Oh.

Repeat and wait one week.

Repeat and wait one week.

Repeat and wait one week.

Yesterday I sent him a new list of names.

Madigan (call her Maddy)

He is open to Briley, Breanna, and Brianna.  I told him that this is good news becaause someone needed to come up with a new pool of names to choose from since we cannot mutually agree on ANY of the names in the current pool.

He laughed.

Baby Update:  Went to the doc today.  He said that he guesstimates that the baby weighs 6 lbs. 13 ozs. now and will be about 8.5 at birth.  How many more weeks do we have untl this baby is born?  :-)


Mrs. Bird said...

I like Kassidy and Kennedy :) I also like Breanna. Did I tell you I have a student named Bryna (rhymes with grin-a) and I REALLY like her name :) 33 days to go! SO exciitng!!!

SusieQ said...

Gee whiz.. Seeing as Stephanie (my favorite) didn't make the list, I was all ready for Darcy Eliana and it looks like they have been eliminated.. Phooey!

T.J. said...

My tops were Stella and now Kennedy. Will hang on til the end, hmmm?

I just had a conversation with Champ about baby names for our next (I'm not pregnant and we aren't trying anytime soon, but I LOVE talking about names, names of anything really!) anyway I tried Achilles and Ulysses (We already agreed on a girl's name like 4 years ago!), but he wasn't biting. Oh well, just means more names for me to dream up!

Jen said...

I love the name Briley! It's very original.I have never known anyone with that name, being that I have a very popular nam,e I tend to like more original names. But I still love Norah the most! Can't wait to hear the final pick, I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to see your new baby girl!

Nap Mom said...

Mrs. Bird - Bryna rhymes with Grin-a.... haha makes me laugh. I like that name too.

SusieQ - Can't name her Stephanie... that was Dana's girlfriend's name when we were in high school together. It is a very pretty name.

T.J. - I know, Stella is actually a family name... I love it too.

Jen - Briley is on top of the list for now. My only questions is... can I introduce my kids as, "Hi, these are my children Brody and Briley." Does it sound weird?

Jen said...

I don't think it's weird at all. I was actually thinking about that in my head and I thought it was cute. Now if they were twins it would be a whole another story lol.

Jen said...
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