Friday, March 12, 2010

Marriage Ref Conclusion

Thanks to everyone who voted on Napmom's First Edition of Marriage Ref.

It was kinda a tie, with most of you being "on the fence" but somewhat siding with side #1.  It was my own-two-family-members who sided with... side #2....

Did you guess who was side #1 and who was side #2?

Even though the basement is chilly and dirty/dusty right now... I'd prefer for people to do their #2 business in the basement.  It is just plain courteous.  Napmom = side #2.  Now ya know!

I find it most interesting that the two people who voted that you can go-wherever-you-want-to-go would never have this problem in their lives.  One person has her own private bathroom that she does not share with the other people in the house... and one other person has a "watercloset" in her bathroom... thus keeping the stink at bay... even while in her own bathroom.  Whatever!

So, I'm trying to be easier to get along with.  I just can't believe that this is such a nonissue for some of you! 

This was fun!  We'll do it again soon.  mkay? 


SusieQ said...

Evidently you are going to banish the stinkies to the basement.. but what happens when the basement is completed? That is a NICE place and then everyone might be down there.. Are you going to change the rules and send them upstairs??? Just wondering...

Nap Mom said...

No. Even though the basement will be nicer than it is now... it won't be the main living area... it's hard to explain! Thanks for your concern though! ♥

T.J. said...

It's fun to help others work out their issues while ignoring my own (like should my sweet Champ be allowed to pick his nose in the car while I'm a passenger? Ugh!) Gotta love him.

Have a great weekend!