Monday, March 22, 2010


It was a gorgeous weekend here in the Eastern United States - just gorgeous.

You are NOT going to believe this.

Dear Husband took Bro and I to National Harbor (Lulu was at her dad's house) to the Peeps store.

OMG - National Harbor was gorgeous!  And, there was hardly anybody there.  And, we walked out to the edge of this pier.

I asked Dear Husband to take some pics of Bro and me together.  It was gorgeous.  We had the whole pier to ourselves.  The wind was blowing my hair.  Bro was hugging and kissing me and... {{gasp}}... posing for the camera... we had a great bridge in the background.  Pictures!  Snap!  Pictures!  Snap!  Pictures!

We went to review the pictures - "NO MEMORY CARD."

I'm NOT kidding!

whishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  {{that's the sound of my heart deflating}}

The Peeps store was just as I had envisioned - no surprises there.  I had Dear Husband with me so I couldn't buy as much as I had hoped.  {{drats}}

I did walk away with *NEW* chocolate covered Peeps, which are supposed to be available in your local grocery store... but they aren't... I've checked.

If you need to try some on your own... you can get them this Saturday at your local Rita's ice stand.

I sampled both the milk and dark chocolate versions.

My review?  Well, in my opinion...
while they were both very good.  They did NOT AT ALL taste like chocolate covered Peeps.  They tasted like... chocolate covered, runny marshmallows.  I'm betting that if I covered a real peeps in chocolate, they wouldn't taste the same. 
Don't believe me?  Read Candy Blog's review and see her great pics here. 

Lulu tried the Peeps flavored Rita's ice this weekend.  Here is her Rita's Peeps ice review:
"It was very plain Mom.  I mean, very plain.  I was so hopeful that it would be my new favorite flavor.  But it really wasn't that good."

Have you tried the new chocolate covered Peeps or the Peeps Rita's ice?  What did you think?


T.J. said...

there is a Peeps flavored Rita's whaaaat?! I was wondering how the whole chocolate covered Peep thing would go- I'll take your word for it!

As for the memory card- not going to mention it, like pouring salt on a wound, right :(

SusieQ said...

We haven't been to the Peeps store or Ritas.. but then I guess you knew that.. hehehe!!!

I can't believe you did that with the camera!!!