Tuesday, March 23, 2010


You can tell a lot about my life just by what I google.

Here is a list of the topics that I have googled over the past week.

1.  What to do with leftover Easter eggs?

2.  Can you freeze egg salad?

3.  Cherry Blossom Watch

4.  Toddler color Easter egg

5.  Canon Rebel Manual

6.  Getting wisdom teeth pulled

7.  Getting canine teeth pulled

8.  Mono symptoms

9.  Where to set up bird feeder

10.  Do stink bugs really stink?

11.  Top Golf

12.  Philadelphia with kids

See?  Now you know more about me than you need to know.

And the thought process behind all of my searches:

1, 2, 4.  I'm not a fan of hiding plastic Easter eggs.  When I was little we decorated eggs and the Easter bunny hid those eggs and we found those eggs.  Seriously... in my mind... hiding REAL EGGS is the RIGHT way to do Easter.  In my case, this means that we will also have to color 2+ dozen eggs... and I am wondering what people do with all of those eggs.  Seems like a waste to just throw them out.  I'm going to try making egg salad and freezing it.  These people say that you can freeze egg salad.  If I try it, I'll let you know how it goes.

3.  The Washington D.C. cherry blossoms are about to bloom... so I keep checking back to see when they are going to be ready for me to visit!

5.  I want to use some of the settings on my camera.  I lost my manual. 

6, 7.  At the last trip to the orthodontist, they told us that Lulu has to have her canine teeth pulled.  This seems like a load of malarky to me...

8.  Lulu was very sick on Friday and the doctor said that she could have any type of virus... including mono.  She's all better now.

9.  We'll get to this one later.  It's a blog post all on its own.

10.  Just wondering.  Yes, apparently they do stink.

11.  While we were at the Peeps store, Lulu was at Top Golf with her dad.  She wants to have her birthday party there.

12.  Lulu has a cheer competition in Philadelphia this weekend.  I'm wondering what else there is to see while we are there.

What have YOU googled recently?


Michele Horne said...

I don't know if you make your egg salad with mayo- but if you do, don't freeze it! The mayo separates and is disgusting! I am not sure about Miracle Whip, never tried that.

I wanted to share with you what I have Googled... but I don't know how.

SusieQ said...

The first thing I think of in Philly is the Liberty Bell..

I also hate the plastic eggs.. DON'T freeze egg salad.. eat it!! You can also chop them up in a white sauce and put it over toast or biscuits.. We ate a LOT of hard boiled eggs when you were little..

T.J. said...

Hmm, don't think you can freeze egg salad, but I do have a European cookie recipe or 2 that call for hard boiled eggs (at least the yolk) and the cookies a butter/sugar like and awesome!

Loved your google list- I don't really know how to check mine

Nap Mom said...

OK - well, first... I agree that you can't freeze stuff with mayo... but the results from a quick google search shows that there are people out there who have done it and it worked... or so they claim. I might have to try it. I can either freeze the egg salad or throw it out. Maybe I'll freeze a small amount this weekend and see what happens. I'll post the results.

Also, you are gonna crack up but I kept track of my google list myself. I google ALL OF THE TIME... and thought it would be kinda funny if someone were reading what I googled. So, I tracked it myself. I also googled some stuff about Girl Scout SWAPS, but I didn't think that anyone who reads this would know about or care about SWAPS. :-)

Jen said...

Google is a survival tool for me. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use google. Especially in the military, I use it to find a lot of Military Documents which surprisingly yes are on google, it's better then having to go through books and books. I also use it a lot for travel as well. I LOVE GOOGLE, what did the world do before there was Google? lol

And for Philly may i suggest the Shofuso. It's a Japanese House and Garden. It's absolutely beautiful there.