Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maternity Pants: A Review of Various Styles

Over-the-belly Pants

I was young {{just take my word for it}} when I was pregnant with Lulu.  When I walked into the store to buy some maternity jeans, I found these waiting for me. 

I threw them back onto the shelf, wiped away my tears, and swore that I would just... go without... because I was NOT going to put those hideous pants on my body.  No way!  Never!

Obviously, that was not a very practical decision and eventually I had to buy those ugly pants and {{gulp}} wear them, but fine... I lived to tell about it.

Under-the-belly Pants

I thought that the maternity pant gods had answered my prayers when I found under-the-belly maternity pants, years and years later when I was pregnant with Bro.

Well, under-the belly pants are only good for about the first trimester.  Because then my belly got so big that under-the-belly was also right-at-my-pubic-hairline.... which is soooo not appropriate.  And all winter long I had a cold draft coming up my shirt and I felt like I was half-hanging out of my clothes, which I probably was.

On-the-belly Pants

Now, I have some "right at the belly button" pants.... you know... the best of both worlds.  Well, these aren't any better. 

Think about it... how are these supposed to stay up?  Answer:  They don't.  And now, they are (for all intents and purposes) under-the-belly pants.  Ugh!

Conclusion:  Just put your ego on the shelf... and buy the pants that cover your whole belly.  You'll be much happier this way!

You can also resort to buying and wearing Belly Ups {{I was gonna invent, this by the way}}.

What is your maternity pant style of choice?


Fairy Grandmother said...

Only 56 more days!!!

SusieQ said...

I had some that looked different from all three... They had big pockets in the front and all the stretchy stuff was in the pockets so anyone just looking at them did not know they were maternity pants.. And when did I wear them? When I had shoulder surgery and couldn't use my arm at all for two weeks.. couldn't button my britches.. so I resorted to the elastic ones I could just yank up and down.. very handy!

Michele Horne said...

Couldn't do it... no maternity pants here... or sweat pants... even with #3. I just upsized my pants a couple of sizes and called it good. http://mymichele.aminus3.com/image/2008-07-26.html

Ahhh, you make me want to be pregnant again.

T.J. said...

Pants were so difficult to deal with during pregnancy! I usually just wore skirts or the amazing Bella Band that I had discovered.

Nap Mom said...

Michelle - Kudos to you. You looked great.

TJ - I have a bella band and it does work wonders! Well worth the $$ spent!

Mrs. Bird said...

I had a pair of Gap maternity pants that I loved! Just a three inch strip or so of elastic on top!