Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ummm... tastes good mom

This weekend has been so productive.

Friday Night

Selected the carpet for the basement.


Went to tumble tots class.

Looked at floor tiles.

Shopped for Easter.

Ate Reeses Peanut Butter eggs in the car on the way home from Target (see the evidence in this picture).

More evidence in Bro's hair.  Bro kept saying, "Umm... tastes good mom.  Ummmm... tastes good mom," the whole time he was eating the Reeses cup.

Somewhere over the course of the past few weeks, Bro has decided that he will pose for the camera.  Here he is showing off his new sunglasses.

I had a list of things to buy for Easter.  These were the items on my list.  Very reasonable, don't you think???

... Dear Husband had other ideas...  Yes... I blame ALL of this extra candy on him.

Plus, we have these items from our visit to the Peeps store.

Regretfully, we did not celebrate Earth Hour this year, like we did last year.  Instead, Lulu had a friend over and they watched the Kids Choice Awards and Dear Husband bottled some wine.  Ugh, I felt so guilty... with lights on all over the house.  :-(

Tomorrow?  We hope to dye eggs and make our traditional Easter basket cupcakes... a tradition that has been in my family LONG before Martha Stewart came up with the idea.  I'll keep you posted!

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SusieQ said...

All that junk looks sooo good, but I am not bringing any more of it home.. makes us sick! See what happens when you get old? This will be the first Easter Ricky isn't getting a basket of stuff.. I wonder if he would hunt for eggs.. hmmm....