Friday, April 2, 2010

Flower Rules

On Valentine's Day... a male co-worker/friend of mine asked me if Dear Husband was going to get me flowers for Valentine's Day.  Uh... I told him that Dear Husband knows better than to give me flowers on Valentine's Day. 

Oh gee - I opened Pandora's box.  My co-worker/friend called me every name in the book {{nicely and diplomatically, of course}} including "cheap-o" which is now a running joke between the two of us.

It started with my initial reaction, which was:  No, you get NO POINTS for giving your wife/girlfriend flowers on Valentine's Day. 

I don't mean to sound heartless, but really... it boils down to this... giving ANY GIFT repeatedly on every single occasion (because you know he gives the flowers for birthdays and Mother's Day too) is just rotten.  {{There, I said it.}}  Repeatedly giving the same gift is robotic, thoughtLESS, and, yes, unromantic.  Not to mention that flowers can be expensive and they just die anyways (which is where the "cheap-o" part comes in).

The gift doesn't even have to be flowers, it could be anything... for example...

"Happy Birthday Honey - here's an anti-squirrel bird feeder." {{yeah - you rock - my husband is the best ever}}
"Happy Mother's Day Honey - here's an anti-squirrel bird feeder." {{awe}}
"Happy Valentine's Day Honey - here's an anti-squirrel bird feeder."  {{oh - another one?}}

Repeat every year for the rest of your life = NOT ROMANTIC, FUN, OR THOUGHTFUL!

Guys think that they can just order up yet another dozen roses and you'll just fall at their feet with glee.  NOT ME!

Having said all of this...

Easter is this weekend - the weather right now is BEE U TIFUL.  And, to be honest, I get spring fever worse than anyone on this planet.  And, just this morning I was thinking about how great it would be... gulp... if... Dear Husabnd... oh my... would come home this afternoon... with some... flowers... tulips... to be exact.  How sweet, thoughtful, and romantic is that!  Don't you agree?

When I told my male co-worker/friend that I wanted the tulips, his jaw hit the floor.  He said that I needed to blog my "Flower Rules"... here is his understanding of Napmom's Flower Rules.

Flowers for Valentine's Day = horrible
Flowers for Easter = awesome
Flowers Just Because = awesome (most of the time)
Flowers to "buy you off from a heated arguement" = not awesome
Flowers Because You Are Truly Sorry = awesome
Fake Fern = never awesome
Dandelion from Bro = awesome

Additionally, in the same conversation he told me that I "read too many books" and I "romanticize life too much." 

So now, I'm half-tempted to just be blunt about this and call Dear Husband and say, "Hey Babe - could you stop by Sam's Club and see if they have any tulips for sale and bring some home?"

Sam's Club = large discount warehouse that actually sells pretty flowers for a reasonable price and they last forever!  This is where the "cheap-o" part of me comes into play again.

Be honest!  Do you like to get flowers?  Maybe I'm the ONLY female on the planet with my own set of unwritten Flower Rules.  Is it just me?  You can tell me the truth - it won't hurt my feelings.


Mrs. Bird said...

I don't usually like to get flowers...I had one of those boyfriends back in the day, who brought me flowers everytime he did something "wrong." Gavin occasionally brings me wild flowers, or some other unique bouquet and I love that! But NOT during allergy season, lol!

Michele Horne said...

Oh, we have a strict "No flower" policy in this house. I mean, why do I want something that is guaranteed to die within days? It has never made sense to me. Especially if they were roses (which are so tacky, to me) that cost our budget $70! I just might have a stroke right then and there. HOWEVER... live plants are perfectly welcome though. Especially for my gardens. I love getting flowers and bushes to plant outside. Again, they must be perennial, as I don't want to spend that money just to watch them die.

Fairy Grandmother said...

It is almost wierd but I have to be in the mood for the fresh I get my own when the mood strikes me...never the prearranged ones...I like to arrange my own in one of my nice vases!!

T.J. said...

I totally agree with you here. Champ knows I don't even like roses (well, in the garden I do) and I hate getting flowers that were raised in some random greenhouse. I'd much rather a packet of seeds or a potted herb than flowers and if it's going to be flowers, He knows my favorite would be if he came home with a handful of Queen Ann's lace or buttercups picked off the side of the road!

Fun Post :) have a great weekend!