Monday, April 26, 2010

I don't know why... it just doesn't happen that way for me...

Admittedly, babies... and life... and all of the things that go along with babies... are great.

But, for some reason... for ME... I just don't get that lovey feeling when I first find out that I am pregnant.  Like, it takes awhile... a loooooooong while... for me to really feel the connection.  I don't know why this happens.  I'm just being honest here.

Somewhere around the start of my ninth month of pregnancy... I started to feel the love... the overwhelming love... the love that gives us the strength to endure breastfeeding and long nights without sleep.  Ok, who am I kidding... ALL of my babies sleep... I don't know what "nights without sleep" feels like.  And, this baby will sleep too... I just know it... it's our top house rule.  Napmom Rule #1:  As long as you sleep through the night, you can get away with almost anything else.  mkay? deal?

Well, I might have "that loving feeling" now... the attachment... like she's all mine... like I love her sooooooooooo much... even if she is a {{gulp}} g-i-r-l.  I'm starting to actually like the cute girl clothes that she has.  I might even be able to embrace {{gulp}} p-i-n-k once again.

I just might be excited about little ribbons in her hair.
I just might be excited about little bits of ruffles.
I just might be excited about sweet girly socks.

Maybe... just maybe... I might have a few more years of pink-endurance in me!

Maybe... just maybe... I might be open to some baby names that I had not considered before.

Maybe... just maybe... I might be a little bit whole lotta excited now!

Speaking of names... the name of the day today is... Brielle.

While we wait for her arrival, please enjoy a few of the funny things that I have heard about why she might be so late...
There must be a lost stork flying around somewhere... ;-)

What did you expect? That little girl is related to you and Fairy Grandmother. She wants to make sure everything is right and ready for her before coming out!!!

Maybe she's waiting until she has a name... hmmm...

She's just letting you know, right off the bat, that there is only ONE person in charge, and she's it!!!!!! :)

Oh - here's hoping that we all get to meet her soon!


SusieQ said...

Hope she stays where she is until the name changes again!

Do you have any idea how lucky you are to have babies who sleep all night? It is a BIG gift... HUGE!!! Your aunt didn't have night and day.. just "feed me" every three hours. I was sure I was going to die from exhaustion!

Maybe you'll have alittle tomboy who doesn't like pink and ruffles... hmmm.... it happens...

Nap Mom said...

Oh I know how lucky I am to have sleeping babies. Brody was the best EVER.

Fairy Grandmother said...

I am so excited too...sugar and spice and everything nice...she will be here very soon!!