Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 Days Past Due

Got some sleep last night.  Feel much better today.  Ahhh...

Had an appointment with the doc yesterday.  They did a nonstress test for the baby.  She passed with flying colors.  They measured my amniotic fluid.  They want it to be at a "5" and I was at "16."  Very good news!  Yeah!

The doc was wonderful, which is great news because you know that not ALL of them are. 

Other than that, I feel great.  I have contractions all day long and they simply go away when I go to bed at night.  Then, I get up and my body starts all over again. 

Tomorrow is Dear Husband's birthday.  I'm hoping to make a coconut cream cake for him... if I have the energy tonight.

Baby needs-a-name is scheduled to be induced on May 4 at 5:00 a.m.  If the hospital is full, they may call to postpone by a few hours or even as much as 24 hours... but the doctor assured me that by next week we will have no option but to deliver the baby on or before May 5.  Speaking of May 5, I think that a cinco de mayo birthday would be great fun!  Don't you?

Happy 7 Days Past Due!


Fairy Grandmother said...

A cinco de may birthday would be great fun!! Your cousin Jake's birthday is May always I wish you well! XO

T.J. said...

Cinco De Mayo all the way! You baby would share a birthday with my dog Sterling then. I mean, that's a good reason to be induced that day, right?!

Happy 7 days past due :)

Jen said...

Aww, I can't wait to see this baby girl of yours. I think Cinco De Mayo would be a fun Birthday, that was Aron and I's Wedding Anniversary. Wishing a safe and healthy delivery for you and the baby. :)

SusieQ said...

Glad everything is going well.. So what is the name of the day???