Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Would You Do?

For most of my doctor's visits, I am whisked in and out in a flash.  Recently, I had to wait... thus, I found myself awake, without children, and staring at a mountain of magazines.  As I scanned the magazines a few covers caught my eye.  They were:

Time Magazine:  Environmental Special - The Perils of Plastic

Time Magazine:  What Health Care Means for You - An Essential Guide to the New Plan

People Magazine:  Sandra Bullock - Inside Her Divorce Dilemma

Oh - decisions decisions! 

I was running out of time so I started with the "Perils of Plastic."  After I skimmed the articles about plastic, I read a great article titled, "Getting Pumped - why some moms prefer to pump their milk & bottlefeed instead of putting baby to breast."  Really?  Yep!  For the time being, you can still catch the article online.  Fascinating!  And, it appears that the newest and greatest Medela breastpump only costs a mere $280 and I can get a hands free pumping bra for $36.  {{choke - choke - choke}} 

Speaking of pumping, I am a very experienced "pumper" because I pumped at work for months and months and months after Bro was born.  However, I'm not a great milk producer to begin with and I'm not convinced that pumping and feeding would be easier than just plain breastfeeding.  My current breastpump is about 7 years old now.  I was starting to wonder if maybe it wasn't functioning as efficiently as it could have been or maybe I needed a bigger flange  {{is that the right word}}... I don't know.  I am half-tempted to update my pump this go round though.  Apparently I can turn in my old pump and get $40 towards a new one and SOME insurances pay for a breast pump, often only if it is medically necessary... and sometimes "going back to work" qualifies as medically necessary.  Then, part of me doesn't even want to pump when I go back to work.  I don't know... I just don't think that the breastfeeding thing is as emotionally rewarding for me as it is for other moms.  Isn't that horrible to say?   

After I thumbing through the first magazine, I had time to read about the new health care plan... nothing fascinating there.

I was called to see my doctor before I got to read about Bullock's lame soon-to-be ex-husband. 

So, given the three choices listed above (there were lots more choices, but these were my fave three), which magazine would you have read first? 


Fairy Grandmother said...

I assure you I would have read about Sandra and her lame X-2-B. I don't know why but I know that is what I would have chosen.

Also, they say that breast feeding for at least the first six months is very good for the baby...and I know how you are about your babies!

SusieQ said...

It certaily would not have been about breast pumps.. Although I do believe breast feeding is very good for the BABY... and if baby is going to have it, mom has to participate..

Anyway, I carry a book with me everywhere I go because I am always looking for time to read.. Don't have to rely on those yukky magazines they have in waiting rooms..

Mommy 24/7 said...

Ok, here goes. I am a HUGE breastfeeding supporter. Two years ago I would have listed all the benfits etc... to convince you to nurse. HOWEVER, after my third son had allergy issues with food and many attempts to get him to gain weight failed (even with me on the milk and soy protein free diet) I reluctantly gave in to the super expensive formula that had to be ordered online. He became a much happier baby. Not only that, he has been my HEALTHIEST. At 19 months he has never been on an antibiotic. Never had a "sick visit" with the ped. My two nursed babies had major ENT issues resulting in tubes by 13 months. Also, if mom's not into it, baby can tell and I think positive interaction with mom and baby in some other fashion is more important than you resenting the nursing and/or pumping. Just my opinion.
Oh, and I of course would have read about Sandra Bullock first. Duh...