Tuesday, April 20, 2010

and we wait...


The basement is painted, tiled, and carpeted!  Yeah!  Granted, we didn't make the April 15 deadline, but that's okay. 

Last night, Dear Husband and I sat down on the one couch in the entirely-naked basement.  We spent about an hour just talking about all of the potential for our new found space.  Where to put the desk?  Where to put the TV?  Where to put the couch?  What to do about the black fireplace?  Do we have to keep the ledge white or can we use a blonde wood ledge?  And so on. 

We don't have the trim down yet, but here is a pic of the tile, carpet, and blue wall.

I'm still not quite sure what we are going to do about the fireplace.

Bro was surely excited to see the finished product.

Lulu ate her lunch and waited patiently for the carpet to be installed.

Then, both of the kids took advantage of the large play area.

Yes, we still have some more work to do.  But, at least I can put some furniture in this area and "retreat" if I need to.  We are going to install some decent closet doors.  We don't know what to do about the ledge that goes around the room (seen in this last pic).  Should we keep it white or try to bring in a natural blonde wood tone/accent.  And, we need to do something about the fireplace.

The point is... the basement is finished tiled, painted, and carpeted, as promised!

Baby Names

Now... we need to get ready for baby no-name. 

Last night Dear Husband said, "you know, we really need to come up with a name for her."  {{Uh, DUH!}} 

"Riley" seems to be a top name right now.  I'm still pleading my case for "Keely."  All of Dear Husband's names are too plain.  Why don't we just go ahead and name her "Jane" for goodness sakes?  There is nothing remotely interesting or unique about "Claire" or "Chelsea"... and so on.  No offense if this is YOUR name... I just want something a tad bit... different unusual something.

"Stella" is a family name that I like but every single time I mention "Stella," people YELL OUT "STELLA" which is apparently part of a rather famous scene from "A Streetcar Named Desire."  Who knew?

Other Baby Tasks to Note

Here is the status of the baby to-do list... keeping in mind that the baby is due TOMORROW.

Baby Name - don't have one
Baby Car Seat - in our other house which we are waiting to sell (selling the HOUSE, not the CAR SEAT)
Baby Swing - in our other house
Baby Bouncy Seat - in our other house
Baby Crib - dismantled in the basement
Baby Clothes - sitting in gift bags with tags on them
Breast Pump - in our other house
Place to Put the Baby Clothes - don't have one

Am I missing anything????  Yes.

Infant Diapers - don't have any
Pacifier - got it
Baby Bathtub - in our other house
Hospital Bag Packed - ha ha ha... of course NOT

As always, we will seriously consider any baby girl name suggestions that you have. 


SusieQ said...

know you are going to love the additional space.. it's looking good! Isn't there some kind of brick paint you can use to get rid of the black?

Time to get serious about baby no-name.. hahaha!!! Seeing as we can't have Stephanie or Darcy.. I do like Stella. Mindy is a beautiful name.. Mindy Llewellyn is very pretty....

T.J. said...

Yay the basement is done- bro looks so cute when seeing it!!

I do like Keely too- such a perfect little girl name, but Stella is a classic one in my book too hmmm can see why it's hard to pick! Regardless though, times a tickin' and she'll be here soon! double Yay!