Friday, April 9, 2010

How I Spent My Easter Weekend

First, I came home to the tulips that I wanted... and I didn't even ask for them.

I finally made our Easter cupcakes, which is a family tradition.  Grand Matriarch taught me to make these cupcakes when I was a little girl... way before internet, blogs, and crafty people like Martha Stewart.

Granted, her cupcakes had little basket handles too... but I didn't get to the craft store to get them.  These cupcakes were delicious even without the handles. 

Lulu spent the weekend with her dad and her family who was visiting from out of town.  So, Bro celebrated Easter as an only child (for the first and last time).

Note to Bro... if you use the egg dipper as a bubble blower, then you end up with a very messy face.

An Easter bunny stopped by to deliver an Easter basket (Lulu got one too - it's just not in the picture)...

... with a very yummy chocolate bunny.

After we opened the basket, I let Bro peek over the side of the deck to see that the Easter bunny hid his eggs.  This is when things got a little ugly.  "Not Nice!  Not Nice!  NOT NICE!," he started screaming.  He quickly put on his shoes and ran outside to gather his eggs.  After he had all of his eggs together, I explained that the Easter bunny came and hid his eggs... to which he responded, "No mommy!  Squirrels did it.  Not Nice Squirrels!  NOT NICE!" as he stormed into the house with his eggs. 

I have to admit that he must get his love of squirrels from me.  Speaking of squirrels, check out the new bird feeder that we bought. 

When the squirrels jump onto the landing, their weight causes the landing to lower, thus blocking access to the bird food.  And, it seems to REALLY work!  So far, we haven't seen even one squirrel access the food part of the feeder... despite their best efforts.  Mission Accomplished - I think!

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SusieQ said...

Looks like you had a great time with him for Easter.. but I can't believe you are making him dislike the squirrels so much! Shame....