Monday, April 12, 2010


I bought Lulu this charm for her new charm bracelet, which Fairy Grandmother started for her.

I plan to give her the charm when her sister is born and attach a card that reads...

"Big sisters are so lucky! They get to be heroes, teachers, and best friends for life. Wear this charm as a reminder that, like your new baby sister, there are little bits of sparkle all around us! Remember that the smallest things can brings us the greatest joy. Take time to delight in the simple pleasures of life. Know that peace is possible!"

My goal is to tie in the "big sister" occasion with the "peace" charm that Lulu wants.  I hope I was able to bridge the gap.  Maybe I should just stick with the "sparkle" part and forget the "peace" part. 

This project kinda reminds me of Lulu's elementary school graduation gift.  Her gift was a beach-themed gift that she wanted... which I then had to tie in with the whole graduation occasion.

I created this card to go with the gift.

The poem reads,

"Voyage upon life's sea,
To yourself be true,
And, whatever your lot may be,
Paddle your own canoe"
by Sandra Bolton

Any suggestions that you have to tie in the "peace" charm with the "big sister" occasion would be greatly appreciated. 


T.J. said...

You are so thoughtful! What a great way to keep Lulu feeling special when her new sister arrives. The charm looks like it is right up her alley of style!

Fariy Grandmother said...

How sweet...she is going to love it! I always like the "Peace Be With You"...for her little sister to wish her "peace". "May peace be with you." ...just an idea.