Friday, April 23, 2010

Beyond Furious!

I am a patient at a fairly large (and popular) ob/gyn practice in our area.  Through the years, I have been feeling like I haven't been getting the the doctors/practice just doesn't give me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Then, there was an incident with the doctor's office during the start of this pregnancy that really made me mad.  I went through the steps to change ob/gyns and then, during that process, a conversation with the office administrator as well as a visit with my most fave doctor (Dr. AMAZING) convinced me to stay with my current practice. 

Dr. Amazing validated my complaints.  He said that the practice had a fair amount of complaints about Dr. just-do-as-i-say-and-dont-ask-questions and Dr. i'm-shy-(not mean)-and-don't-have-any-people-skills.  His suggestion was that I just make appointements with the doctors that I like.  We reviewed the names of the docs that I like and so I stayed with the practice... agreeing that I wasn't going to see any doctor except the ones that I like... the ones that take the time to look me in the eye... ask how I am doing... give me some information... PRETEND to even be remotely interested in what is going on in the exam room while I am in there... something!

Well, I went for my check-up yesterday.  The lady couldn't find me in the computer.  Then I said I had a 2:45 with Dr. very-sweet-but-needs-some-training-on-doing-a-better-internal-exam.  The receptionist said, "Oh - there you are... I have you at 2:45 with Dr. just-do-as-i-say-and-dont-ask-questions."  After I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I replied, "Uh... No.  I do not have an appointment with Dr. just-do-as-i-say-and-dont-ask-questions."  {{pause}}  "I would never have scheduled an appointment with him."  {{pause}}  "I'm not seeing  Dr. just-do-as-i-say-and-dont-ask-questions."  {{pause}}  "I'll come back at another time."  She said that I could come back today, in the middle of the day, to see Dr. very-sweet-but-needs-some-training-on-doing-a-better-internal-exam.  {{Um... yeah, I could take another half-day off of work... a half-day that I have already budgeted to be home with baby-needs-a-name... but I'm here now... and this was your freakin' mistake anyways because I wrote down my appointments on this little pad of paper and it clearly says that I am here to see Dr. very-sweet-but-needs-some-training-on-doing-a-better-internal-exam... I didn't make this up... I would never in a million years schedule with Dr. just-do-as-i-say-and-dont-ask-questions.}}   I told her that I would call to rescedule... and I left the office. 

Beyond Furious!

It gets better!

At my previous appointment, the doctor scheduled me to be induced on April 29, or anyday (sort of) that week.  I asked him why I couldn't wait longer since I really, really, really, really DO NOT want to be INDUCED AGAIN.  {{Why do all of my babies require an EVICTION NOTICE... can't one baby come on their own free will??}}

Dr. has-had-the-least-amount-of-complaints-ever-in-this-practice (that's what Dr. Amazing told me anyways) gave me a list of life/death situations that could occur after 41 weeks and said that it was their recommendation that I deliver by April 29.  Fine.  So we scheduled for next week... avoiding April 28 {{because Dr. just-do-as-i-say-and-dont-ask-questions is the April 28 doc on call}}.

After leaving the doctor's office yesterday, I called the practice's hospital scheduler to see when I am scheduled to deliver this baby.  She told me that the hospital is booked next week and we'll have to shoot for the week after (week starting May 3). 

I was, again, Beyond Furious!

{{deep breath}}

So, I called the doc and left a message saying, "I am just checking to see why my physician insisted that I deliver by April 29 but then the office says that I cannot deliver any earlier than May 3."

The scheduler called back to say, "I have a note right here that says that you are to deliver by April 29.  We will get you in before then.  Don't panic."    

Conclusion:  'Baby' still doesn't have a name.  I am NOT on ANY schedule to be induced next week.  Please pray that I don't deliver on the day that Dr. just-do-as-i-say-and-dont-ask-questions is on call (Wednesday).

In the meantime, I am going to spend my weekend following every wives tale known to man to naturally induce labor... this includes, but is not limited to... massaging the skin between my thumb and pointer finger, drinking red raspberry tea, sex (this may or may NOT happen since I am beyond 9 months pregnant), and walking... and walking... and walking.  However, I will forgo the castor oil cocktail for now.

What is your remedy for natural induction?


T.J. said...

Wow! That is INSANE! I'll be sending you happy "baby come on out vibes" and not on crazy doctor day!!

I was a week and 1/2 late with Bear, but being attended to by midwives, so I didn't feel the medical pressure, just my own crazy anxiety. I did all the things you mentioned- who knows if they helped or if Bear came on the day he did just because ;) but I was determined to do SOMETHING and not just sit around and wait any more.

SusieQ said...

That is really a nightmare.. It is so important that you have confidence in your doctor.

I really don't understand why they are so adamant about evicting by a certain time.. For hundreds of years babies came when they were ready.. what has changed?? I thought Duke was camped out in there forever.. even mixed the cocktail but was chicken to drink it.. and the doctors said to just be patient, that he would come ready.. and he did... waaay late!! And he was the healthiest one of the litter. We were always told the longer they stay there, the better a start on life they had..

Good luck!!

Nap Mom said...

Apparently, after 41 weeks... (1) amniotic fluid decreases, (2) more chance of passing meconium (first poop) and getting it into the lungs, and (3) {{and this is a quote from my doctor}} "some babies just die."

I agree that the longer they can stay inside the better... I believe that older (thus larger) babies eat better and sleep better.

We'll see what happens. For now, I have a "busy" weekend ahead of me. :-)

Fairy Grandmother said...

You crack me up with the doctors names and the baby "no name". I know that you are 9 months prego but calm is going to all work out! I am sure they will get you in since you are on the top of the list...and don't forget about the long ride on a very bumpy dirt road...we probably can't find one of don't forget about the massaging the feet and mostly ankles...that should feel good anyway! Love you and can't wait to meet baby "no name". XO

Mrs. Bird said...

I'm sorry! You know how much I love to deal with rude people in the medical field ;) UGH! I hear swinging helps :) Amongst other things that I can't bring myself to share online....good luck! Thinking of you!

Fairy Grandmother said...

Luvstoboat says lets go for a boat ride...he thinks that should do it!