Thursday, April 22, 2010

It looked like chocolate to me (aka Nook: A Review)

Dear Husband and I do not buy nice gifts for each other for special occasions.  Why?  Well, we don't buy nice gifts for a variety of reasons... lack of funds is one of them... but neither of us really require nice gifts... and we are savers, not spenders... and we really don't like to spend money... for any reason. 

I take that back.  We bought nice gifts for each other our first Christmas together.  You know what happened after that?  We went back to the stores the next day and returned the gifts.  Then, we joked that every Christmas we will exchange gifts of "what I would get you if we were spenders and NOT savers."  And, we said that we would take the gift back the next day.  Ha ha ha ha.  We never followed through, but it was fun to think about.

An example of a practical gift?  I think that one year I got the handheld kitchen floor cleaner that I wanted and I gave him a... frying pan in return. 

I'm fairly certain that one year his birthday gift was a tent so that he could go on the annual bike trip with his brothers. 

Anyways... most of our gifts to each other are very practical... and we like it that way.

Our birthdays are two weeks apart.  Mine is FIRST... thus I can gauge what I need to get him on his bday based on what he gets me for mine.  tee hee hee.

This year, I had planned to get him a pizza stone for his birthday.  He likes to make homemade pizzas and he likes to complain about the pan that he makes the pizzas on.  :-)  A pizza stone would be the perfect gift.  Right????

Imagine my surprise when I opened my birthday gift.  I THOUGHT that it was a gift box of Russell Stover chocolates.  It sat on the counter for most of the night and I didn't even give it a second thought.  I THOUGHT that the basement was my gift.  I THOUGHT that the box of Russell Stover chocolates probably came from his office.

He got me a nook... you know... a nook... I can upload books onto it and then read them.  I totally wanted a nook. 

I was speechless.  I was crying.  I can't believe that he thought to get me a nook.  We don't even spend money like that... I was gonna get him... {{gasp}}... a... pizza stone.

He tells me that we have 14 days to return it.  I tell him that we could use this money to buy a TV for the basement.  He tells me that I must keep it.  Bro wonders why mommy is crying.

Nook:  A Review

Nook vs Kindle:  After reading 10 million reviews on nook versus kindle, I knew I wanted a nook.  Nook, for now, allows you to loan books to other nook users... {{of which I don't know of ANY other nook users, but that's a small detail}}.  Most importantly, nook allows all ereader files to be uploaded to the device and this includes ebooks that you can get from the library.  Kindle, on the other hand, ONLY allows you to use books from Amazon.  {{Oh Amazon... you have been my savior on so many occasions... but... please... get over yourself.}}

Nook vs itouch:  The itouch is VERY tempting, but I want to do my reading on a large screen... not that itty-bitty itouch device.  {{Dear Apple, When you and Verizon can come to an agreement, I will DEFINITELY own an iphone... please hurry!}}

Book vs nook:  Admittedly, there is something to be said for holding a book in your hand and feeling the pages.  I have always been a book person.  Mentally... reading from a handheld screen takes some getting used to.  On the other hand, I can say that... I will be able to breastfeed and read my nook at the same time.  It is easy to transport.  Battery life has been fine.  It is easy to read a nook in bed.  I don't have to worry about losing my place, because the nook takes care of all of that for me.  There are lots and lots of great things about my nook that I love.

However, I feel extremely guilty that we spent $$$ on a device that allows me to.... {{gasp}}...  read books.  Um... for all intents and purposes... all I need to read those books is my own two eyes... and they are FREE.

I want my nook, I want my nook, I want my nook, I love it, I love it, I love it... it makes me feel super cool... really super cool... however, it... is... such... an... unecessary... gadget. 

Conclusion:  Nook = very awesome (even if I decide to return it)! 

What about you?  What's the most practical/fun gift you ever gave/received???


Manic Mommy said...

You're getting him a baby girl for his birthday. That's the best gift of all! :)

SusieQ said...

I never heard of a nook, but I get the idea because I know about a kindle. Keep it.. As much as you love to read you will get lots of use out of it. As for the frying pan, among other gifts Ricky got a frying pan last year because he kept complaining about the one I use..

I am one of those spoiled hard to buy for people and one year your granddaddy had no idea of what to get for me.. So he dragged me to the PX and told me we were NOT leaving until I picked out something I really wanted. I got two 100' heavy duty extension cords to use electrical equipment outside.. and I was very happy with the gift!

When the kids were little and we were super poor (ever been there?) we each got one gift from each other and we bought our own. It worked out great. No surprise?? Oh yes, it was a surprise to the person who was giving the gift and we always got exactly what we wanted!