Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ahem... still pregnant...

You know those wives' tales about self-inducing labor... well... they aren't working.

Walking - walked around the neighborhood, the Home Depot, the Target, and the grocery store... nothing.

Red Raspberry Tea - drank appox. 12 cups of tea... nothing.

Hand pressure point - I may have bruised that little "labor" pressure point but it sure didn't create even ONE contraction.

Foot massage and ankle pressure point - See "Hand pressure point" but I did at least enjoy the foot massage. 

Spicy food - wings from the Green Turtle were definitely spicy... but they didn't produce a contraction.

Castor Oil - I'm not that desperate.

Sex - I might have to try it.

Bumpy rides - That's on tomorrow's to-do list.

Well, let me say this... I have contractions all day long every day.  I probably average about four decent contractions an hour... but I still don't have a baby to hold... so... we... wait.

I did, however, wash some baby clothes and cleaned out a place to put them.  We are making some progress.

I called and rescheduled my doctor's appointment for Monday.  I'm not expecting any note-worthy news while I'm there.

Hope you had a more productive weekend than I did.

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SusieQ said...

Personal opinion... Baby no-name isn't here yet because she is not ready! She wants to cook a little longer...