Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm a Big Boy Now

Yeah - Bro is offically in his big boy bed now and Dear Husband took down the crib. 

In other news... I bought Bro some paints and a paint book, but he had other plans in mind.  As I was showing him how to paint in the book, his EXACT instructions to me were, "Go do the dishes mom.  I paint the water."

And he did.


SusieQ said...

Aren't you brave!! I didn't let paints in the house until the little people were much older..

I am so anxious to see him again.. can't imagine him talking in real sentences! It would be nice to see the rest of you folks too.. hahaha!!

T.J. said...

Congratulations you big boy! It was so strange when Bear moved into his- I thought it was great, but it solidly made me face the fact he wasn't a baby anymore :(

Hey, wanted to tell you, just finished my latest read "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett and it was spectacular! Highly,, highly recommend it

Nap Mom said...

SusieQ - You wouldn't believe this little guy! He is such a character. Very demanding and VERY bossy. Almost every "request" that comes out of his mouth sounds more like it is coming from a drill sergeant than a toddler. I must get it on video.

T.J. - Thanks for the book advise. I will add it to my list! I am in NEED of a good book!

SusieQ said...

Maybe he takes after his mother????