Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Letter

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Varmint Squirrel,

You ate my bird food.

I set out some squirrel food especially for you.

You still walked right past it and... ate my bird food.

Then, you ran away with the squirrel food too - don't deny it - I saw you do it!

You will be happy to know that I will be shopping for an anti-squirrel bird feeder this weekend, rather than the pellet gun that many have suggested.

Also, I will continue to set out special and delicious squirrel food for you and your little ugly rat squirrel babies.

However, the next time you touch my bird food... I cannot promise that I will be so easy to get along with.

Consider yourself warned!



SusieQ said...

Well.. aren't you just tough!!! Maybe they don't realize some food is designated as squirrel food... or maybe they like the bird food better! I certainly hope you would not do bodily harm to any of them... and there is no need to insult their young... just maybe they don't think your young is too pretty!!!! Put yourself in the squirrel's place... I raised one of the "young" in my bathroom when he was misplaced by a storm and I thought he was adorable!!! Broke my heart when we had to turn him loose...

Nap Mom said...

They know that I don't want them eating my food because I scare them away so often that when we even go to the door... they run. They KNOW that they are not supposed to be there. I wouldn't really harm them... I just want them to go away. I have done extensive research on squirrel-proof bird feeders... hopefully this will work.

Squirrels = bushy and ugly rat

SusieQ said...

I hate to insult any dogs because I love them so much... but how can you call a squirrel ugly when you have that dog walking around the house???

Nap Mom said...

"That dog" is cute actually... and that is saying someting coming from me, a non-dog person.

Pay attention to squirrels sometime... they look like furry rats.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jen, I just answered your email question in your paint post below. Thanks for trusting my opinions, I'm not sure I have anything else that hasn't already been offered, but you can take a look! Have a great weekend.

mimbles said...

We have a possum that steals the bird food (apple and special lorrikeet food, not seeds) we put out. But it kinda works out ok because with the possum being nocturnal the birds get first dibs during the day and the possum cleans up their mess at night.

T.J. said...

good luck with the anti- squirrel feeder. I'm beginning to think that such a thing doesn't exist!