Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mystery Solved

Back in December we were snowed in... and a mystery man came to our driveway with his large machine and cleared the better part of our driveway.

We were ecstatic... we were pumped... we were excited beyond belief.

And, every time it has snowed since, he has been back, in his big orange machine, clearing our driveway.

But, who is this mystery man?

As we meet the neighbors, we continue to get some hints as to his identity.


Neighbor 1 told us that he is is a guy who lives down the street.

Neighbor 2 told us that he is single and kinda gave directions to the general direction of his house.

Neighbor 3 told us that the mystery man has a driveway in our neighborhood but his home is considered to be part of the neighborhood next to us (my parents' neighborhood).

I want to know who this person is because I want to make him some cookies or bread to say THANKS and so he KEEPS COMING BACK!  {{wink, wink}}


I told my dad, "Guess what?  We know who the guy is who plows our driveway.  He is this single guy who lives at the end of our developement but he is not part of our development... he is part of your development.  And, he is really nice and... he just plows people's driveways to be nice."

"Is his name Brad?"

"Well, I don't know what his name is... all I know is that we met these neighbors and they said... {{repeat information}}."

"Yeah, that's Brad!  He's my buddy!  We have been water skiing together!  He's a great guy!  He's the one who said that Dear Husband can have the firewood."

"Really!  Well, tell him that I am your daughter... because we really like when he plows the driveway.  Where does he live?  What can I bake for him?"

A Few Days Later

Dad says to me, "I talked to Brad.  Yep, he's the guy who does the plowing.  He asked if you are the family with the two kids?  He said that Dear Husband can have all of the firewood he wants!"

Mystery Solved

We know his name.  We know where he lives.  He's a family friend.  Like... we have the connection now!  What a great guy!

We Mystery Neighbor Guy!


fairy grandmother said...

You are so funny!! Mystery neighbor guy...ha ha!! Be sure to bake him some bread or cookies or something...since he is single...he probably doesn't get that very often!!

SusieQ said...

That's great... good detective work! Now what are you going to make for this extra nice neighbor??

Nap Mom said...

Oh yeah - I'm def making him something! We'll probably give him a bottle of wine too!

ms. mindless said...

what an awesome neighbor! i need someone like that on my block :)

T.J. said...

He he, glad the mystery man was solved. Welcome aboard to Any Given Moment! I am now happily following you, too and looking forward to other mystery people you might be introducing us to ;)

mimbles said...

That's one fabulous neighbour :-)