Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow

Napmom's life update...

Snow (Episode 1)

We were snowed in underneath an unbelievable amount of snow.

More unbelievable snow is coming.

I didn't blog about the snow because we reconcreted the basement.  Remember?  And the computer is in the basement.  Remember?  More about that later!

I do have Snow (Episode 1) pics to share someday.

Snow (Episode 2)

We are ready.

1.  I printed some math worksheets from the internet... you know... so we don't forget everything that we have learned.  {{Ahh.... I can feel the mommy praise coming now!  Do they have merit badges for this type of stuff?}}

2.  We have the kite paper necessary to make Waldorf Window Stars as seen at Pink and Green Mama

I took this picture from pinkandgreen mama's site without asking.  But this is her little princess' star... and since I am linking to her blog... and giving her ALL of the credit... I hope I'm sure she won't mind.

3.  Lulu's dad is delivering 2 Wii games that we can ALL (sans baby Bro) play together at one time (Mario Kart and Super Mario Wii).   

4.  I'm going to make meatballs in the crockpot - Em's favorite meatballs (other than the ones she gets at camp).  Yummy!

5.  Fairy Grandmother has all of the necessary supplies for the kids to make Valentine cookies!  Double-yum!

House Update

Everytime "we" do something to the basement, "we" have to unplug all of the computer stuff and move the computer desk.  Then Dear Husband has to listen to this question, "When is my computer going to be up and running," until it all gets hooked back up again. 

I offered to let the computer live on the main level of the house until these basement projects were completed, but "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOO"... so... guess what... all of a sudden... now it sounds like a great idea to move the computer upstairs.

Don't get me wrong... we have NO place for the computer and we will be crazy cramped... but it is necessary... for the sanity of all MOI!

Upcoming Projects

Tile in front of the fireplace.

Paint the basement a real pretty and light blue.  A very, very, very light and airy blue.

Carpet the main area of the basement.

Breathe a sigh of relief!  {{That's my part.}}

Weekend Events

Great Backyard Bird Count
We have seen tons of birds at our bird feeder and the squirrels are staying away. I can't wait to start documenting our sightings!

Valentine's Day

Heart shaped pancake molds?  "check"
Small gift for each child?  "check"
Pizza dough for heart-shaped pizzas?  "check"
Chocolates and strawberries for homemade chocolate dessert cups?  "not yet"
Something totally romantic and sweet for an oh-so-deserving Dear Husband? "workin' on it"

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

1 comment:

SusieQ said...

You are sooo funny! Even before the first offer, I would have the computer upstairs.. Otherwise how could anyone live with me?

You are going to love that basement when it is all finished.. if ever..hehehe!!! Really, you will be glad you did it all right!!

What is it with you bird people that you don't love the squirrels? I have squirrel feeders all over the place and love to watch them.. I also have a bird feeder..

Valentine's day I am going to church.. sit in a chair with my leg up and enjoy being a member of the congregation! We have just purchased a completely electronic system to play the music when the organist is not available! I can't wait to hear it!!!