Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Everybody say "cheese"

Last year I took some July 4/patriotic pictures of my two sweeties.  I tried to do the same again this year.  Here were the results... in order.

Lulu?  Ready.
Bri?  Ready.
Bro?  Not so ready.

Love the expression on Lulu's face here.  Clearly she is telling Brody NOT to try any crazy antics and to smile for the camera.  We'll see how successful that look was.

Can you guess which two children are perfectly posed for every shot... and who is NOT?

Ok - let's give Bro something to do.  "Bro - Put your arm around your sister."

"No, your OTHER sister."

Great!  No.  Not so great - now we lost Bri.

New pose.

Poor Bri.

"Look mom - no hands!

... and... the photo shoot is over.

Yep - we got one great decent good picture. 

Happy (early) July 4 to you!


SusieQ said...

Great pictures.. but Bri does not look happy!! Hehehe!!!!

Nap Mom said...

Well... that's because... Bri never looks happy. Oh my... did I just say that out loud? Just kidding. Bri is concentrating on the pinwheel that Bro keeps spinning.