Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update on "moi," Brielle, and the rest of the Napmom family

I know, I like went and had a baby... and then started blogging about birthday cakes... I mean... "hello"... doesn't everyone want to hear about the b-a-b-y!

As far as resting goes, this has been the worst maternity leave ever.  During the weeks that Lulu is with us, life is just crazier than crazy.  The other weeks, Bro has consistently started out the week sick.  Just this past week he had pneumonia.  So, I DEFINITELY don't get any rest on those weeks.  :-)

Brielle... wow... um... she's... um... like her sister... that is... high maintenance.  To be honest, she has a fairly bad acid reflux problem which means that she is uncomfortable or in pain whenever she is on her back.  She screams in her swing, screams in her bouncy chair, screams when you change her diaper, and screams in her car seat.  Yep - sounds like fun, huh?  She also vomits in all of those positions as well.  I have resorted to dressing her in onesies during the day because she just throws up all over her cute outfits and ends up in a onesie anyways.  To be honest, we recently put her on zantac (acid reflux medicine) and things are much better.  Oh, this also means that she sleeps on her stomach as well.  I know that they are supposed to sleep on their backs, but desperate times call for desterate measures.  ... mkay?

Brody... is TOTALLY adjusted to his new school.  He asks to go to school (which is unheard of) and does not fuss when I drop him off.  Whew!  What a relief!  He loves his new sister - can you believe that - and loves to touch her and kiss her and hold her.  He says, "she's soft."  I haven't even seen one smidgen of animosity towards her... I'm amazed. 

Lulu... had her birthday {{need to upload more pics}} and graduated to a Cadette Girl Scout.  Right now she is camping in Hershey park with her scout troop as an end-of-Junior-scouts celebration.  This summer she watns to take tumbling lessons and finally learn that round off back handspring.  {{Lovely.}}  Plus, I signed her up for a fashion runway class as well.  They actually have a runway event at the end of the class... totally her style.  We also scheduled for some educational testing for her this summer to see why she is struggling in math and what we can do to help her.

Dear Husband is doing well.... of course... because he GETS TO SLEEP AT NIGHT!  {{hahahahaha - did I just say that?}}  Actually, he is still awesome.  Real Estate is getting busier which means that he is not able to help around the house as much as I have become accustomed, but he is also making more money... which is helpful after all of these years of waiting for the market to turn around.  He is still planning to attend the boys' motorcycle trip this summer.  I still feel like this trip is totally selfish of him for many reasons {{we won't get a vacation together and the family won't get one either and I need want need and want him at home}} but he is not a selfish person {{AT ALL}} and so I am trying to smile when we discuss the trip.  He plays on two kickball teams (not ONE but TWO kickball teams) and when Brielle was first born one of his female teammates commented, "Let me get this straight, you have a brand new baby at home, you play on two kickball teams (which means you are out of the house two nights a week), and she lets you go out after the games, and you have a motorcycle, AND you are not taking your wife or your family on a vacation this year, but YOU are going on a vacation... and your wife is okay with all of this?  I'd love to meet your wife - she must be a really cool person."  {{Why THANK YOU.}}

Napmom... I'm doing well... physically I have been fine since Bri was born, albeit a little tired.  Well, there is that little problem of my hernia.  I saw the surgeon and he recommended that I wait to fix it.  He says that right after a delivery my body is not in t he position to take on more surgery if it isn't necessary.  And, in truth, while my hernia was extremely sore when Brielle was born, I barely notice it now.  I just started Day 1 of my 30 day trial membership at my mom's gym {{thanks mom}} so hopefully I can lose a little bit of baby weight  before I go back to work.    

Life with Brielle... you never know what to expect from this little one.  Some days she is up all day and some days she sleeps all day - literally.  Luckily, she sleeps fairly well at night too.  She wakes up to nurse every 2-4 hours (depending) but then goes right back to sleep.  Ahhhhhhh.  She poops ALL OF THE TIME.  Not kidding... she always has some quantity of poop in her diaper, but she doesn't have a diaper rash - thank goodness.  On more than one occasion she has pooped all over me, herself, and the bathroom when getting ready to get into the bathtub.  Consequently, she doesn't get very many baths.  :-)  She weighs 11 pounds 8 oz and is 22 inches long.  In short, she is the size of a 3-month old.

I think that's it for now.  I have more pics to show you but with over 2,000 pics on my camera card, it takes a little while to upload those suckers... and time is a precious comodity in this household.

Gotta go - duty calls...

Talk to you soon,


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SusieQ said...

I have read this several times and laugh like crazy every time.. You are sooo funny! Of course, I am sure it doesn't seem like funny to you..

I wouldn't worry about Bri sleeping on her stomach.. Used to be that was what we were told to do and most all babies slept on their tummies.. Mine did all the time.

I always laugh when you talk about dh going away for a week and leaving you with three kids. Your grandad was always on call and when they called he would fly away for an undetermined length of time and it was not by choice.. and I was home with three little ones.. and no throw-away diapers!

Hope you like the gym and continue with it. I wish the one here was closer.. It is a "trip" for me. To make the gym really work for you will require some attention to your diet.. ahem...

Your mother was a 24/7 pooper and it drove me just about crazy.. As she got older she loved to play with "it".. Ran it up and down the slats of the crib with her finger.. put it up her nose.. in her hair... Hope Bri gets over it before she gets that big!

We'll be waiting for the pictures...