Monday, June 14, 2010


Day 1 and Day 2 at the gym were great.  For now, I take in my book nook and read while on the treadmill or the elliptic machine.  Fairy Grandmother gave me a ride to the gym on the first two days.  I drove myself this morning (Day 3)... um... and I wasn't quite sure that I would make it.  I mean, I have to be REALLY motivated to get up in the morning and... ahem... go the the g-y-m... of all places.  But, I just had my mom's voice in my head if I didn't go... "WHAT?  You didn't go?  Why?  What happened?  Do you WANT to go?  I'll drive you next time."  So, I pulled on my big girl pants {{big = mature, NOT large}} and drove myself to the gym.

Wanna know the demographics of the gym at 7:45 a.m.?  Here it is:

Old men: 10
Middle aged women: 2
Moms: 1 (that was me)
Staff: 3

Another point of observation:  old men are diligent about cleaning off their machines after they use them.

Let's back up for a moment... This past weekend I went to get some new nursing bras.  Seems the ones that I was wearing {{from my previous pregnancies - and Lulu is 12 ya'll}} have lost their... um... strength... or so I thought.  I was wearing 36 D.  The lady measured me at 38 E... {{yes, "E" folks - NOT a typo}}.

Back to the gym... anyone here wanna know what it's like to run on a treadmill with size 38E breasts that are ALSO full of milk?  um... interesting... definitely interesting.  Thus, I do more walking fast walking very fast walking than running.

I'm getting better though.  My first day at the gym I was on the elliptical machine and was selecting the "down arrow" on the "levels" menu... only to find out that I was already on level ONE.  oh... gotcha.  Today, I bumped it up to a level TWO.  Ah-ha!  Tomorrow... I might work in some sit-ups too... but I can't promise you anything.

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SusieQ said...

I am amazed.. I was a "gym at 5:30am" person and there were bunches of folks there.. male and female! Lots go before work. I really loved that gym because most folks were older and looked like they needed to be there. My other choice is the Marine Corps gym and they intimidate me.. surrounded by bulging muscles and body builders.,. I didn't feel comfortable there..