Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How To: Remove permanent marker from a vintage lunch box

Brody started a new day care... the day after we came home from the hospital with his new baby sister... impeccable timing, I know.

Brody's previous daycare provided lunch for all of the kids.  Now,  we were in charge of packing lunch for Brody and were in need of a lunch box.  Fairy Grandmother let us BORROW a Curious George lunch box. 

 Dear Husband did not know that this was a BORROW situation and wrote Brody's name, in permanent ink, all over the lunch box... literally. 

Have no fear... Dear Husband erased the permanent ink with... a magic eraser.  Just wet the eraser and rub.

It was quite simple and required hardly any effort at all.  You could never even tell that there was even the smallest blemish on the lunch box. 

I know that some of you poo-pooed the magic eraser when I wrote about it before.  You know, you really should give it another try.  I love it... absolutely love it.


Fairy Grandmother said...

I bought the magic eraser to remove soot from my ceiling...from me burning candles on a shelf. Well it did not work...I am so bummed...I know now there will be a call to my painter. I will try it on something else! XO

Michele Horne said...

Wait, wait, wait... who could poo-poo the Magic Eraser??? Certainly not a parent... especially a parent of 3! It has saved and revived everything from walls, tables, tubs, moldings... I can not live without at least one on backup at all times. Such an amazing invention!

Michele Horne said...

Oh, and we have that exact Curious George lunch box.

Mrs. Bird said...

Clearly I need to get one of those....I'm not sure why I don't have one yet :) Hope you're all doing well!

SusieQ said...

So much for PERMANENT markers!

It must be something in what you are trying to clean.. I got the magic eraser and couldn't do a thing with it.. came in a package of 2 and I gave the other one away to someone who says she just can't live without them!!

T.J. said...

my mother in law introduced me to them last year and I've got to say- they are rather magical!