Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just a Few Tidbits

So... I don't really have any time to give you a decent post and some wittiness... but here are some pictures of our weekend...

Brody played on the trampoline...

... on a hot, hot, hot day...

... while Lulu read her new library book {{yes, I paid my library fine, previously mentioned in this post, and took the kids to the library... more about that later}}.  Look closely, she is reading The Rise and Fall of Ancient Greece, which she picked out herself {{nerd}}.

We are still playing with Legos.

I call this picture, "Hi Brielle." {{aka... "can you guys please watch Brielle while I get dressed?"}}

Ok, we added linked connected our Wii Animal Crossing game to the internet.  Now, Lulu and her dad can play together, even when they are in different parts of the State.  Here, her dad has come to visit her town and they are having coffee together in the cafe.  I asked them to face the TV so that I could get a picture.  Crazy, huh?

Oh, and Lulu got her first job... as in j-o-b... as in she is getting $$paid$$ to work help out the neighbors.  Hopefully I'll have pictures for you soon. 

Do you play video games with others via the internet? 
That's just c-r-a-z-y; I still can't get over it.

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SusieQ said...

Your aunt plays games with strangers on the internet all the time..