Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AD/HD Awareness Week: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of AD/HD Awareness Week.

Day 2 AD/HD information is Girls and AD/HD.

My post today is specifically geared towards educators.

Dear Educators:

You may have a girl in your class who is sweet and wonderful and "such a joy to have in class" and extremely obedient.  She may excel in most subjects and do okay in others. 

Outside of class, however, her parents may be struggling to keep her afloat.  The homework that takes most families 15-30 minutes is taking this family HOURS.

If you meet with this family and they say that they think that their daughter might have AD/HD (or something)... please stop and think... don't just dismiss them and tell them that their child "just needs to get her head in the game."  Just because she is not hyperactive doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong. 

At the lunch table this child's peers are bragging about being on the honor roll... again... and that the Spring Break math packet was e-a-s-y.  At home, her misinformed parents are threatening to take away every privilege she ever had if she doesn't "get her head in the game."

Fast forward 5 years.  The child who once wrote on her notebooks "I ♥ school" and played teacher nonstop is starting to hate school (not the teenager kind of hate but has real anxiety about school) and wonders why school is easier for everyone else but her... as her parents wonder the same thing.

Please do not send your girl students to middle school without the proper tools to help them succeed.  I am not asking for an AD/HD diagnosis for every B-grade student.  I'm just asking you to read a small article about AD/HD in girls... and to keep an open mind.


p.s.  I don't get any kickbacks if you click this link or buy this book.  But you can click thru and check it out if you want to.  Understanding Girls with AD/HD by Kathleen G. Nadeau; it has 39 customer reviews (33 are 5* reviews).

Need some nationally recognized resources for an AD/HD child in your life?  Tune in tomorrow.

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