Friday, September 17, 2010


In honor of back-to-school night, I have a polling question for you at the end of this post. It's a little survey I am doing. I can't wait to read your responses. You can read about boring back-to-school if you want to... or just skip straight to the poll.

Recently, I attended back-to-school night for Lulu's school. She is now in 7th grade. Here were my observations.

Language Arts Teacher - Very nice. Very interested in seeing the students succeed and love reading. {{great}} Explained that this is an advance class. The students will be moving at a very fast pace. Has 36 students in the class {{a very large class}} due to budget cuts.

Math Teacher - Very nice. It is her goal that every student get a "B" or higher.
After many years of struggling {{not mild struggling but c-r-a-z-y struggling}} in math, only to be told that Lulu is "advanced," she was finally placed in the nonadvanced class. {{sheesh... what took so long}} Yes. This is more our style. Nonadvanced students get to do something I have never heard of before... it's called "re-dos." Yeah - they get to re-do any and all assignments, except for tests, to get a better grade if they don't like the original grade. {{Whoo-oo... bowl me over with a feather... this is what I'm talking about... sign us up!}}  This class only has 21 students.  {{Let me hear you shouting YEAH... I can't hear you!!!!}} 
French Teacher - French teacher seems cool enough.  There is a trip to Canada for students who take french in the 8th grade.  {{Lovely.  I can't wait to go back to Canada.}} 

Science Teacher - Science teacher is young and bubbly.  She says that she is "on a cart."  {{What?  Did I hear that correctly?  You are on a cart?}}  Oh, she doesn't have a regular classroom so she wheels her cart from room to room.  Thanks you budget cuts!  {{snicker}}  The kids will be doing some dissecting this year.

Social Studies Teacher - Loved this lady but the kids are gonna walk all over her.  Her class is located outside of the school building in a portable {{portable = fancy name for trailer}}.  Another very large class.

Overall it was a successful night.  I can see why Lulu is optimistic about the school year - I am optimistic too.

Now for the fun part...


You go to back-to-school night.  You are sitting in 7th grade French.  The teacher tells you that the students are going to have a surprise/pop quiz tomorrow.  Do you tell your child about the quiz?  Yes or no.


mimbles said...

Nope, I wouldn't tell. Not least because it's back to school night and chances are that by the time I get home there's no way the child in question will be in a fit state to do any study ;-) Also, I am lazy and I'm a rule follower, if the teacher didn't intend the kids to know then I'm fine with that - less drama and work for me!

But I might, possibly, if I remembered, have a conversation about how things are going in French class over breakfast the next morning.

Mrs. Bird said...

I'm not sure, since my kiddos aren't of the "pop-quiz" age yet :) I think I'd probably just spit out a subtle reminder to study their French vocabular/do their homework ;)

SusieQ said...

I can't imagine the teacher telling you about a surprise quiz.. Some parents will tell... some won't.. seems like some kids will have unfair advantage..

Fairy Grandmother said...

I am not sure that I would tell...but would bring French up as a discussion and suggest a review!