Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Learn Something New Every Day

Lesson #1:  Where we learn the purpose of the dangling portion of a pin cushion.

You know those tomato pin cushions that people use to put their pins in?  And you know that little decorative thingy that hangs off of the end {{it's called a strawberry}}? 

Lulu was standing in line waiting to be dismissed from sewing class.  She mentioned that the purpose of the strawberry part of a tomato pin cushion is to sharpen your pins.  The teacher said that Lulu was wrong and that the strawberry is decoration only.  Lulu insisted that during her fashion design class this summer she was told that the filling in the strawberry sharpens your pins.  The teacher insisted that it did not but that IF Lulu could proved that it did then the teacher would give Lulu a "public apology"  {{whatever that means}}.

Answer:  Typically the strawberry is filled with emery to help keep the pins sharp and free of burrs that could snag your fabric.  {{Amazing.  I had NO idea.}} You can read it for yourself on Amazon.

Lesson #2:  Where we learn one way to feed Buzz Lightyear.

While I was making dinner, Bro was tending to baby Buzz Lightyear.  He said, "Look at me Mom.  I'm feeding Buzz!"  I rounded the corner and found this sight.  Ok... well... that's one way to do it... maybe. 

What have you learned today... besides what you read just now.


Fairy Grandmother said...

Today I learned that the Pier House restaurant in National Harbor is a nice place for dinner!

I did know about the strawberry and Lulu is correct.

I just love this picture of Bro...should it go in the scrapbook?

Nap Mom said...

Yum! I remember going to National Harbor last Spring and thinking that we should go back for a nice dinner... without the kids with us. :-)

I don't think that Bro's picture should go in the scrapbook, but we should save it to show to his future wife.

SusieQ said...

Yes, it sdhould go in the scrapbook! That is absolutely priceless!!