Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pop Quiz Revisited

You all remember the pop quiz, right?

You go to back-to-school night. You are sitting in 7th grade French. The teacher tells you that the students are going to have a surprise/pop quiz tomorrow. Do you tell your child about the quiz? Yes or no.

Let me tally the votes.

No.  Do not tell her that she has a quiz.  (0 votes)
Giver her a hint that she should study.  (5 votes - 1 vote came in via facebook... ahem)
Yes, of course.  Definitely tell her that she has a quiz.  (1 vote - that's MY vote)

Really?  You wouldn't tell her that she has a pop quiz? 

I only find this so interesting because I CLEARLY remember going to my 7th grade Spanish Class the night after back-to-school night.  EVERYONE {{well, it seemed like EVERYONE}} in the class knew there was a pop quiz, except for me.  When I asked my parents why they didn't tell me about the quiz they said, "The teacher told us not to tell." 

I was shocked to be faced with the same dilemma for my own daughter.  And... for 24 LONG YEARS I have known OF COURSE I WILL TELL HER!!!!!!!

Conclusion:  I did not tell Lulu about the quiz because she had already taken the quiz.  As it turns out, the French class is divided into A-Day and B-Day.  A-Day students had already been to school the day of back-to-school night.  B-Day students would be coming to school the next day.  Lulu takes French on A-Day... thus, she took the pop quiz before I even knew about it.

My apologies if you think less of me now.  :-)

Speaking of Lulu... she is having a hard time deciding if she is a Ravens fan or a Redskins fan (as we have both fans in our family).  Her dad got her front row seats to the nail-biter Redskins game on Sunday... and she wore this shirt to school on Monday.

She did suggest cutting up both team jerseys and sewing them together.  What a sweetie... always a people pleaser.

Who are you cheering for this season?

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SusieQ said...

Dallas.., yes!!!

And then the Ravens!

The Redskins? NEVER! They are mortal enemies of Dallas!