Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't Worry Mom

I took Bro and Bri to the park after recently.  Bro mostly played while I mostly held onto Bri.  After pushing Bro on the swing playing for about 20 minutes, I told Bro to finish up because would be going home in 5 minutes.

As I gathered my stuff for Bri and put everything back in the stroller, I turned and saw Bro doing something he had NEVER done before.

I ran to him shouting, "No!  Brody!  No!  Stop!"  To which he replied very calmly and confidently, "It's okay Mom.  THIS is for KIDS.  THIS is for KIDS, Mom.  It's okay."

And then... {{like a good Mom}}... I said, "Okay.  Be still.  Let me put Bri down so that I can... hold onto you take your picture!!!!!" 



SusieQ said...

Priceless!! You need to let him explore the stuff for KIDS!!!

Anonymous said...

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