Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Survived

I survived... the Justin Bieber concert, that is.

{{sigh}} oh what we do for our children.

With tickets already in hand, we headed to the fairgrounds first thing in the morning... to wait in line...

This is the actual line that we waited in... for TWO hours. 

... to get an early-entry wristband, which would hopefully get us as close to the stage as possible for the 7:00 p.m. concert.

It was a crazy long day... but we finally found a space among the crowd of 12,000 screaming Justin Bieber fans...

... and eventually wiggled our way closer to the stage.

I cannot tell you how miserable I thought I was going to be, but how much fun we really had.  These girls had a blast.  There was so much energy at the concert... it was like nothing I have ever experienced.  Before I began my Bieber adventure, I had wished that Lulu's dad would take her to the concert.  Now, I think that there is no where I would rather have been but standing there with a sore back and sore knees listening to the girls sing.  It was fabulous.  As a bonus, Lulu told me that I was "the best mom ever" AT LEAST 2 dozen times... but that didn't matter.  Folks... when you live with Lulu you live a drama-queen life with so many highs and lows... I have never seen her this excited EVER!  My day started at 6:30 a.m. and ended at 1:00 that night... something I haven't done.... ever... probably.  But I would do it all over again in a heart beat. 

Moms - if you ever get the chance to stand in line to get your daughter into a concert... and then you get to STAND all night at the concert... just do it... totally just do it... you will be so happy that you did.  This was such a bonding experience for us.  Just do it!

Oh, and I made a toddler-size pillowcase for litte Bro-man.  He took it to daycare today.  I hope it made him feel special when he went to take his nap. 

What's your most memorable mother-daughter bonding experience?

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Fairy Grandmother said...

I still have bonding experiences with my daughter. I thought the trip to New York when she was younger was a great time together! XO