Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bee's birthday cake.

We also celebrated Bri's birthday with my husband's family.  This post doesn't have many pictures because his family does not want to be ALL over the internet?  Who knew?   Really?  You mean some people don't like to flash their kids all over the internet?  What?  {{They know I am teasing.  Hi y'all - love you.}}

I do want to show you Bri's official bee cake.

She was a grumpy-pants after her nap so we did not get pictures of her eating her cake.  This is most unusual behavior for her, but we try to be flexible in this house.

{{What?  I'm flexible.  Stop rolling your eyes.}}

Nonetheless, here is her bee cake... in all of its glory!


Now y'all know what I always say -- If you can paint-by-number then you too can make cakes like this.  The cake pan was the Wilton Ladybug pan.  The original directions called for wings made of cardboard and covered with icing.  The lady at our local cake supply store suggested I use rice paper instead and I did.  I just love it! 


SusieQ said...

You are quite the little cake maker.. very pretty! Aunt Lorie (the cake queen) thinks it is adorable.

Nap Mom said...

Awe. She does? I must get this talent from her.