Friday, May 27, 2011

Hot/Cold Therapy Pack

I made my mom a hot/cold therapy pack for Mother's Day.

Well, I made one therapy pack out of fabric scraps from Brielle's Easter dress, and couldn't part with it {{emotional attachment}}, so I made another one. 

It's uses include heat therapy 9heat in microwave) and cold therapy (cool in freezer).  Ease lower back discomfort, fibromyalgia pain, restless leg syndrome, arthritic cramping, and menstrual pains. Roll up for neck support. Reduce daily stress and strain; use as an eye pillow to block out light, help ease a headache, and relax.

I made my mom's pack with bamboo and palm tree fabric.  Since I was NOT anticipating making two of these in one week, I was kinda pressed for time.  So, I took my supplies and the kids to the beach and put the finishing touches on the pack.

I ended up with this little gem.  The case for it is kinda just like a pillowcase.  The pack itself is made of one type of fabric.

Lulu has been using the pack I made for myself.  She puts it in the freezer every day and places it over her eyes each night.  I have to admit, it is soooooo very comfortable.  Simple -- and amazingly comforting!  What a way to decompress.

So, I bought the fabric so I can make a hot/cold pack for her to have as her own.  I am so excited!  She is sure to love it!

There are all kinds of tutorials on how to make these on the web.  For some reason, I cannot find the tutorial that I used.  When I do, I'll share the link with you, mkay?


Mommy 24/7 said...

I'd love one. How much do you charge???

Fairy Grandmother said...

I just love mine...and luvs2boat loves it as well!! xo