Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Metro Diner Cafe Review

About once every few months we meander out of the house on a Sunday morning to get some grub.  With three children, we want something that is fast, cheap, fast, has lots of choices, and is fast.  {{Emphasis on fast.}}

We have our favorite watering hole, but we decided to try Metro Diner Cafe this past Sunday.

The bells and whistles were cool.  Your menu is viewed on three large plasma screens on the wall.  You order from a self-order kiosk or from a cashier.  The decor is modern, crisp, and clean.


Well... that is... it was fun... until the cashier (remember, we are in a diner cafe)... said, "Your total is $36.38."  That is when my husband had a silent heart attack.  OK - not really... but I could see the "life" drain from his eyes.  He was NOT open to paying close to $40 for diner food (two adult meals and two kid meals).

I kept smiling!

I was further delighted when I saw the coffee bar.  Here is my version vs. his version of the coffee bar.

Napmom:  Ok - lookie lookie!  A coffee bar!  Four choices of coffee... a selection of three types of cream.  Hmm... look at all of the teas too.  Sugar AND honey!  Yum!  Oh wow!  Let me grab one of these nice big white mugs over here.  Oh - I love these mugs -- they're huge!  I love this place!

Dear Husband:  For 36 bucks I shouldn't have to get my own coffee!  {{Um... I think those were his words verbatim.}}

The bread that came with my eggs was whole grain.  I got four large pieces of bread and it was the thick type of whole grain where you can see the seeds and stuff. Yum!

The syrup came warm in mini-carafes on the plate next to the pancakes. So sweet!

According to their website, "Metro serves America’s favorite foods for today’s on–the-go lifestyles, giving you control with healthy fresh & local options, speed and value!"  They also advertise locally farmed Amish eggs, organic breads, green packaging, and more. Their cupcakes were made by Nostalgia Cupcakes, in historic downtown Annapolis.

I mean to tell you... this Metro Diner Cafe was delightful for breakfast!

To be honest, it is a diner/cafe and I don't know that I want to go for a date night, but it was great for a family breakfast and I am looking forward to going back again.

When I was little, my Grandma would take me to the local firehouse for Sunday breakfast before church.  I guess it was a fundraiser for the firehouse.  I wish we had a local firehouse that cooks Sunday breakfast.

Where do you eat Sunday breakfast?


T.J. said...

Oh! I'd love a place with a coffee bar (well, not at this very moment since being pregnant makes me want to vomit at the smell of coffee, but you get the idea...).

We bounce between Bear's choice of our local homemade doughnut shop, Champ's choice of a bagel place and my choice of a typical diner in town. The way I see it- since I'm thrilled enough to just be getting to eat out for breakfast, I'll let them pick too ;)

Fairy Grandmother said...

It is so rare for us to go out to breakfast...I think the last time I went to breakfast was with you napmom at a little place on 214...luvs2boat likes the Double T Diner...and $36.00 for the family is reasonable...especially for how nice it was! xo

SusieQ said...

Yes, the firehouse was a fundraiser.. and those who wished to (Robert and Doug) could check out the fire trucks after breakfast. That goes with growing up in a teeny tiny town!

Nap Mom said...

Wouldn't Brody just love a firehouse breakfast???